Handwriting Activities for Mechanics and Endurance

great list of handwriting activities for kids

With so much emphasis on typing both in academics and in our everyday lives, I really don’t worry that my kids won’t learn to be proficient typists (last night my 2 year old sat on his father's lap and created 60 pages of text “typing”) but I’ll admit that I do worry that their handwriting skills could suffer if I don’t create opportunities for them to practice regularly. Today I've teamed up with BIC® in the Fight For Your Write campaign. I just took the BIC® Fight For Your Write pledge and I want to share with you why: as my kids are getting older they use technology more and more for written communication and honestly I am OK with that; Continue Reading

Printable Book Report Template… Fun Reading Activity for Kids

Printable Book Report Templates

I have been busy brainstorming ways to get M and M excited about reading on their own. We do plenty of reading activities and this one just seemed to be a perfect fit for our new independent readers. I decided to create a printable book report template that I could easily print out for them when they reach the end of the book. (And since I was doing it for myself... well you know... I did it for you too! ;) ) 6 Printable Book Report Templates I made them very simple. After all we want this to be fun right! I made 6 different templates. They all ask for Title, Author and Illustrator. They all have a place for notes. But the bottom half Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 8: Color Mixing

Experimenting with water

We have reached the final week of the Creative Kid Table. What a fun series it's been. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! Today's creative play prompt is a favorite at our house. Mostly because it allows Little M to make a mess and explore color without too much "mess stress" on my end. Creative Kid Table Week 8: Color Mixing One of the best ways to learn about colors is to experiment with them. For this creative kid table add red, blue and yellow food coloring to small cups of water. Tips for successful creative play: If colored water makes you nervous ... move this one outside or to the bathtub! Everyone will Continue Reading

Making the Lunch Box Special (5 unique ways show the love)

I LOVE #3!!

With summer coming to an end it's time to start preparing for back to school. Every parent wants to make sure their children feel loved when they are at school. Not being there with them can make it hard to help brighten their day. But don’t worry; you can still bring a smile to your child’s face by being fun and creative with their lunch! Today I am teaming up with Shamrock Farms and Walmart to promote their back-to-school initiative for healthy and fun lunches, by packing one of three great milk flavors for your child’s midday protein punch - strawberry, chocolate or white milk! Shamrock Farms has created Roxie’s Midday Menu to help Continue Reading

10 Fun Things to do at Home in the Summer

lemonade stand

School’s out, so summer must be unquestionably fun for you and your family even with the least effort, right? But how do you make that happen? Every parent who has to live with restless kids during vacation knows the pressure of keeping the kids occupied with fun and safe kids activities. If you’re worrying about how to make your kids enjoy their summer vacation, then fret no more. Check out these fun home activities with kids that the whole family can enjoy at home. 10 Fun Things to do at Home in the Summer Let them help out in the yard. You may have to shoulder the heavy work, but even a toddler can get involved. This is a great way to Continue Reading

Creating a Family Snack Bar

5 tips for creating a family snack bar

The thing that I love about summer is the way my families pace changes, we ease up on lessons and find more time for adventures. The kids think our light load of lessons means they are getting away with something, but to be honest the change in pace often allows them to learn and practice skills differently than they would during the rest of the year. So even though summer inevitably changes the pace of life in our household, I think of it as a prime time to work on skills, routines and schedules that will smooth out our day to day routine all year round. But, shhhhhh…. we don’t have to tell my kids that! With four kids between the Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 7: Draw a Story

draw a story - simple storytelling prompts

It's week 7 of the Creative Kid Table series. It's been the perfect way to entertain the kids this summer while inspiring a little creative play. Creative Kid Table Week 7: Draw a Story Today's prompt encourages a couple of my favorites! Art and storytelling. Tips for successful creative play: Set out story cubes, cards or prompts.  If you don't have store bought story cubes, write out (or draw) a few story prompts. Keep them simple. (A bat, a flower, a rain cloud, a person sitting, a person running, etc.) We love Rory's Story Cubes. (affiliate link). Set out colored pencils and plain white paper. Questions to get your kids Continue Reading