My Week with the Chevy Traverse 2LT

beach trip with chevy

I have a confession. You are going to think I'm crazy. I don't like the beach. I just don't. I've lived in southern California all of my life and never go anywhere near the beach. It's too hot, too sunny and too sandy. Blah. I'm not alone. My sister feels the same way (which makes me feel a little better about it). At the beginning of the summer the two of us asked all 5 of our kids what fun things they wanted to do. The beach was at the top of their list ... of course. Before heading back to school, we decided to honor their request with one last great summer adventure. My sister, her 3 girls, my 2 kids and I piled into our Chevy Traverse Continue Reading

23 Halloween Jokes for Kids (with a printable)

Halloween jokes for kids (with printable)

I started this year off putting silly jokes into the kids lunch boxes. They have gone over so well with M and M, I decided to round up some extra special jokes for the month of October. Any guesses what the theme is? You got it. Halloween jokes for kids. Fun right? M and M love Halloween. What's not to love? Scary storytelling, spooky pretend play and of course all the candy! I just know these jokes are going to be a huge hit.   Halloween Jokes for Kids Printable Halloween Jokes for Kids There are 23 jokes. I counted and that is the number of school days in October. You can write them on a napkin or use the Continue Reading

Pumpkin Science … Rotting Pumpkin

Halloween activities for kids

We had a little pumpkin drama on the day Little M brought her pumpkin home. No need to point fingers (since the only innocent party was me). When the pumpkin cracked there were tears... and consequences were doled out... but then I had an idea. Why let this sad experience go to waste? Why not turn it into a pumpkin science experiment? A rotting pumpkin science experiment in fact! Rotting Pumpkin Science That is just what we did. I brought out our nature journal and we made a few initial observations. We also talked about what we thought would happen to our pumpkin. While doing this experiment I used scientific words. We recorded our Continue Reading

Mom Time & The Importance of Being Comfortable in Your Skin

When was the last time you got to sit around with a group of women and talk about girly stuff? I was lucky enough to be invited to join 3 other bloggers last month in a discussion about being comfortable in our own skin. We talked about all kinds of stuff... clothes, weight, work, life achievements and so much more. You know what I realized... we are all so similar. And we are all so different. What an amazing thing that is. To me being comfortable in my skin is remembering to focus on myself. Looking at MY goals, MY dreams and MY accomplishments is what matters. It can be very easy to look at someone else and try to compare their Continue Reading

Introducing: Family Book Club

Family book club - starts September 27

YAY! This idea has been brewing in my head for a few months and it's finally time to put my plan into action. I'm starting up a family book club here on A Mom with a Lesson Plan. Reading is an important part of how our family connects. We love being excited about a good book together. It leads to so many discussions and it's a great way to make sure we're getting in extra quality time. Since this is the first time I've ever hosted a book club, I would love your opinion on how it's going. You can let me know what's working and what's not at [email protected] and maybe together we can come up with a fantastic family book club to Continue Reading

5 Tips for Moving with Kids

Great tips for moving with kids

In a little less then a month we will be moving. Our new house will be walking distance from where we're living now, the kids will go the same school and none of their special activities will be changing. As far as moving with kids goes, this will be a pretty easy move. Of course you know me, I like to plan ahead and make sure every base is covered. The biggest change for M and M is that they will no longer be sharing a room. Wait, that's not how they say it. "WE GET OUR OWN ROOM!" Yeah, they're pretty excited. It's a sad time for me though, I know how much quiet talking they do just before they drift off and how safe they feel together. I Continue Reading

3 Fun ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving

3 ways to keep kids happy in the car (i love #2)

This summer my sister and I have taken quite a few day trips. We tried a new museum and went to the zoo a couple of times. For our last big adventure this summer we're headed to the beach. Recently, Chevy loaned me a Chevy Traverse. (How awesome is my job?!?!) Our LTZ model had seating for 7, making the Chevy Traverse the perfect way to get me, my sister and all 5 of our kids to the beach. (8 seats are standard on the LS and 1LT models, and available on the 2LT.) And because it's the best-in-class for cargo room, there will be plenty of space for all of our beach stuff! 3 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving Play Car Games - There Continue Reading