9 ways to Support SIBLING Cooperation

Sibling cooperation may seem like a distant dream, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these 9 tricks and techniques to help inspire a sibling love that will make everyone smile.

help siblings get along. great list! I love #3.

Encourage team work.

Use team building activities to have the kids compete with Mom. (Check out #4 over at Kids Activities Blog)

These simple backyard teamwork games will have your siblings working together and having a blast. (Linked from here… A Mom with A Lesson Plan)

Focus on the positive.

Use a Kindness Jar to visually show your kids that even small actions of kindness add up quickly. (Linked from Kids Activities Blog)

Make a Sibling Book to remind your little ones just how much fun they have with their brother or sister. (Linked from The Educators’ Spin On It)

Read kids books, shows, and movies that promote sibling love. (Stay away from those that make sibling relationships a constant battle.) (Linked from here… A Mom with A Lesson Plan)

Think ahead.

Read this list of 10 Ways to be Kind to Younger Sibling, then help your kids come up with their own list. (Linked from Toddler Approved.)

Help your kids learn how to use words and problem solving strategies  so they can confidently handle their own sibling issues. Let’s Make a Deal is a great way to teach kids how to negotiate a trade when sharing is just too hard. (Linked from Not Just Cute)

Conflict Resolution is another way to help kids learn the art of problem solving. (Linked from here… A Mom with A Lesson Plan)

For those of you getting ready for a brand new sibling stock up on some books about babies that will help make the transition feel less overwhelming. (Linked from No Time For Flash Cards)

How do you encourage sibling cooperation?


  1. ShanCann says

    We cook together! While my kids are different ages, each of them is able to help gather ingredients and measure. The older kids get harder to reach items, measure liquid ingredients and read the recipe instructions. The younger ones stir and measure dry ingredients. Everyone eats the finished product and it’s an activity we did together. That’s a fun and easy way to build a cooperative spirit.

  2. Kim says

    LOVE the idea of a sibling book…my kids love to craft (Smashbooks). Making a sibling book together and then planning opportunities to get photos of fun and cooperation will motivate my munchkins to play more cooperatively :) Will have to share this idea with my friends !! Thanks!

  3. Amy McGlynn says

    Don’t ever compare them. “So-and-so is more creative, Such-a-one is more sporty.” Kids already compare themselves, and it harms relationships when parents rank them, too.

    Play games that everyone can play on some level. My favorite was “Who Says?” It needs no equipment, and is really hard to keep score. A child asks “Who says Tut Tut, it looks like rain?” and someone answers “Christopher Robin!”, and then gets to ask a question. My kids shared a lot of material read aloud, or taken from favorite videos, so there was a good base to develop questions even though there was a 12 year age span from oldest to youngest.

  4. H.Hammond says

    I have a 6 1/2 year old boy and a 3 1/2 year old girl. She LOVES her brother but he finds her a bother almost all the time. Looking for some recommendations on BOOKS we could read together. Anyone?

  5. Elisa Price says

    Hi Jill! It’s your neighbor Elisa :) I am currently in training to be a psychologist, and have been looking around for ways to help a sibling pair overcome some of their difficulties. Came across your website, and am so thankful I did! Can’t wait to use a few of these in therapy. I’ve also used your balloon word game to discuss feelings and kids love it. Thanks for the helpful suggestions.

    Best, Elisa


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