A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Welcome to A Mom with a Lesson Plan. I’m Jill (or Jillian depending on who you ask) and this little blog has been my passion for quite some time now. I love showing up here 4-6 days a week. The amount of posts that actually go out depends on how many backyard mud parties, cuddle sessions, or story times I’m invited to. That works for me because my goal has always been to spread the word about playful learning while actually participating in playful learning. A Mom with a Lesson Plan gives me the opportunity to do both. I am a lucky girl!

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A little bit about the Mom behind the plan.

1. I would like to start out by saying I’m a lot less planned than you would think.  Hubs might read this and make me change that. The truth is I would LIKE to be a lot less planned than I am, I’m constantly working to improve myself (with “be more spontaneous” at the very top of the list).
2. I have always loved to write but until writing for amomwithalessonplan I was never dedicated enough to practice my writing skills on a daily basis. This blog has changed my life. :)
3. My Hubby is my best friend and if I can figure out a way to work side by side with him we will happily spend every single second of the rest of our lives together. The thought makes me smile.
4. We have two kids. One boy, one girl and that’s enough for us.
5. Apparently I hate work sheets (and busy work) as much now as I did when I was in school. Now I’m a lot more vocal about it.
6. I love kids play. Storytelling, art, movement… everything. This makes me a very fun Aunt.
7. My entire family lives within 30 miles of my house. (In-laws included). That means I have never hired a “real” babysitter.
8. Since I have become a blogger I am no longer a good TV fan. I miss all my favorite crime shows and won’t even focus on one half hour sitcom. The old me would be shocked and disappointed.
9. I am extremely passionate about integrating learning and creating into everyday life.
10. I can check a dream off my life accomplishment list. I published the first of many eBooks… Raising a Creative Kid

Official Bio

Jillian Riley is a writer who focuses most of her creative energy into her playful learning, playful parenting blog  A Mom with a Lesson Plan. She is mom to an almost 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. Jillian is passionate about kid activities, learning and creativity! Find her on FacebookPinterest and Google.