A is for Alphabet!!! (an ABC celebration!)

An ABC celebration!

This post is part of a VERY special celebration.  My dear bloggy friend Deborah over atTeach Preschool is celebrating her Facebook page.  As of yesterday she has passed 20,000 likes (oh how I dream of the day).  CONGRATULATIONS DEBORAH!!!!

If you haven’t been over to her blog, or her Facebook page please take a look.  Deborah has done something very special with Facebook.  She has connected with so many parents and educators.  If you are a parent looking for educational and fun kid experiences she will lead you to the perfect place.  If you are a new blog in need of some attention she will highlight you in a way that only she can (HUGE VIEWS…trust me I know!)

Thank you for everything you have done… I hope you are doing cartwheels all day!

Teach Preschool Super Star

A is for Alphabet (and apple stamping!)

When you think of preschool and preschoolers, I’m sure one of the first things that comes to mind are the ABCs.  Those 26 letters are the foundation for everything to come and introducing them in a fun, inviting way will help your kids love learning the alphabet.

We spent the beginning part of this year hard at work completing our Letter of the Week art project.  If you want to see exactly how we did each Letter of the Alphabet…click here.

I am so excited about what is to come!  This fall we will bring back the Alphabet in a big way!  Our Letter of the Week art project will become a Letter of the Week activity!  We will be using hands on, fun activities to reinforce letter recognition and letter sounds.

Now head on over to the Teach Preschool to see the rest of the ABC celebration!  



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    I lov ethis! I homeschool a 9 y/o so ABC’s won’t work but we COULD do this activity as a geography lesson. This year we are covering the countries of Europe. We could create something similar one page for each country – LOVE IT thanks for the idea!

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    Will ‘pin’ this just as soon as I leave my two thumbs up comment!!

    Deborah is amazing & one of her contributions is connecting all of us together!

    I get to add to the Letter M for Music! Hope that you can swing by in your ‘spare’ time. My hat is off to you mommies that blog and juggle all of the tech with the real-life kids.

    Kudos! Now, to pin!!

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    When I taught “letter of the week” I did a lot of similar projects then bound them for the kids to take home at the end of the year. Tactile exploration is so important! Maybe it’s time for me to try to revisit ways to incorporate some of these types of activities back into our plans!

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    One of my favorite moments is when a toddler recognizes a letter for the first time – independantly. Through the many activities we provide, their understanding of the world is expounded. I love your post – hands on activities such as these really assists in the process!

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    Oh my gosh! I’m definitely marking this to come back to later…and explore each letter…and borrow a few ideas most definitely!


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