April Fools (not me… I am no fool!)

For some reason I have been really excited about April Fools day this year.  Maybe because my kids are old enough to really have fun with it, maybe because I’ve been in a silly mood lately… or maybe because of Pinterest.  I’d say Pinterest is most likely the reason.  Have you seen the great stuff that is popping up there?

The truth is, I will probably only have April Fools fun here.  (Just this post… I won’t be fooling you tomorrow.)  I’m not much of a prankster and I am a little (or a lot) scared of what will happen if I start something with my family that I do not want to finish!

Here are some super fun April Fools pranks you might be brave enough to try!

Fun With Food

Gelled Juice
Meatloaf cupcakes
Candy Sushi

All in good fun pranks

Drawer Confusion
Salt and Pepper Trick
Spilled Nail Polish Gag

Ummm… ready for a prank war?

Salty Toothbrush
Homemade Water Ring

Adult Prank

Fake Parking Ticket

My Favorite Prank


Will you be play any pranks this year?


  1. says

    I like the Brownieeee prank the best! And especially because she used it as a springboard for a lesson. Go her!

    No pranks for us though – I’ve never liked them and neither has my husband.

    • says

      Oh my husband likes pranks… that’s why I didn’t want to get anything started. I’m sure April 1st will be a day I dread once the kids are old enough to really get into pranks too.

  2. says

    These April fools pranks ideas are really superb. I can’t wait to try out. Every year before April first day I plan lot of thing but in the main time some other friends of mine prank over me and thus far I didn’t managed to take my revenge at all ;). Therefore this year I’m very serious and will be aware to make some of friend fool following your mentioned fantastic pranks. Thanks. :)

  3. Monta says

    I have the colored facet water all set up and ready to go for my first victim today. By the way, I don’t know what everyone else uses but I just broke up some water color paints and put in the facet. Worked like a charm!! Can’t wait to go wake them up for school. Then while they are off learning, I’m going to be getting the “brown E” ready. Can’t wait!!! Thank you for the ideas!

  4. says

    Love it – a family with a sense of humor… there are simple and safe ones for your computer you can do.

    Auto Correct A Subliminal Message: One of my personal favorites because it at least resulted in more laughing than cursing was when my husband modified my Microsoft Word auto correct so that every time I typed “the”(which is a lot, by the way) it automatically changed to “I love my husband.” The fastest way to do it is to open a blank word document. Misspell a word, like “feind,” resulting in the wavy red line showing up under the word. Right click over the word and select AutoCorrect, then AutoCorrect Options. There’s an option on the AutoCorrect tab of the menu that pops up called Replace text as you type with two blank text fields below it. Under”Replace” enter the common word you want to get auto corrected and under “With” type the phrase you want to haunt them with until they figure out how to undo your prank. Don’t forget to click “Add” before you close the menu.

    • says

      I love this idea!!! Thank you for breaking it down… I would never have been able to figure it out on my own. I can’t wait to “get my hubby” and he’ll never suspect I could have done it myself!


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