Soaking up Color: Paper Towel & Food Coloring Experiment


Playing with color is a lot of fun. We have enjoyed playing with color and color mixing since the kids were really little. And I think this food coloring experiment might just be the most fun color activity we've done. Little M loves soaking up color with napkins and paper towels. I'm always finding colorful "clean up" rags when I pick up the aftermath of a messy activity. For the longest time I've wondered what would happen if we made a dedicated activity out of it. When Bounty asked me to help celebrate 50 years of being America’s favorite paper towel, I knew it was time to get out the food color and the Bounty paper towels! Paper Continue Reading

Letter K Activity: Key Press


For this letter of the week activity you will need to dig out some old keys. I was able to ask around and find friends willing to donate keys from their junk drawers (just in case you don't already have extras). After you've finished this Letter K activity you might want to check out some of the other fun key activities I shared in week 2 of the Family Book Club: The Secret Garden. Letter K Activity: Key Press What you need: Letter K, construction paper, glue, paint, a paper plate and keys. To prepare the Letter K Activity; print out the Letter K, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word Key on the bottom of the Continue Reading

Conflict Resolution Techniques (Modified for at School Support)


You're never really ready when the call comes. After dropping your little ones off at school you go about your day, expecting they are going about theirs too. You picture them eagerly learning, chatting with friends, sneaking a lunch trade and maybe getting a little too wild once in a while. But then sometimes the "once in a while" turns into "too often". That's when your phone rings (Or at least that's when my phone rings. I assume I'm not alone here.) The teacher on the other end of the phone adores your kid (even if you forget that during this particular phone call) but there is some kind of problem that keeps happening. She needs your Continue Reading

Baymax’s Low-Battery Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

baking soda and vinegar experiment (2)

Two of my favorite materials to have on hand are baking soda and vinegar. We've had fun using them in fizzy painting with the mixture and even made a backyard volcano (wow that was fun!) This time Curt from Make a Kidnection is going to show us a new twist on this great combo. Welcome Curt! Baymax, the loveable nurse-robot from Big Hero 6, needs your kid's help.  His batteries are running low, leaving him deflated. Your kids can re-charge and re-inflate him using a chemical reaction.   Baymax's Low-Battery Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment What you'll need: 1) A plastic bottle. It can be a small one, like the one Continue Reading

25 AWESOME LEGO Building Ideas for Kids

25 unique and fun LEGO building ideas for kids (1)

It's no secret that we love LEGO building! In fact we love just about any activity that involves LEGO. I think we might owe Big M's ability to work hard and save money to his BIG list of LEGO wants. He's always saving for another set. Well an interesting new twist has been thrown his way and he is very excited to check it out... we've been introduced to a LEGO rental company. When Pley asked if they could send a LEGO rental our way I just couldn't pass it up. (And you better believe that Big M checked the mail everyday!) I have teamed up with Pley today to share something we are all passionate about... LEGO building ideas for kids.(Make Continue Reading

Letter J Activity: Jellybean Stain

such a fun letter j activity - Jellybean art!

This Letter J activity was experiment. When I taught preschool we always glued jellybeans onto the letter J. Of course, I wanted to see if I could mix this letter of the week activity up a bit. Have you ever been eating jellybeans, and found your hands stained with jelly bean color? I wondered what would happen if we dipped the jellybeans in water and then painted with them. Fun right?!? Letter J Activity: Jellybean Art What you need: Letter J construction paper, glue, jelly beans and a small bowl of water. To prepare the Letter J Activity; print out the Letter J, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word Jellybean on Continue Reading

Parenting & Facebook (and the big mistake I made)

parenting and facebook

Her toothless grin suddenly turned to a look of worry. "Mom, don't tell anyone okay?" There we were again, just like that a light was shining on one of my giant parenting fumbles. I looked at the tooth in her hand and promised not to make the same mistake again. I would not steal this moment from her by making this important announcement for her. I would not share the news on Facebook... not this time. You see, she was almost 8 when she lost her first tooth, so of course it was a really big deal for all of us. As she examined the new space in her mouth and bounced around excitedly, I was busy posting an adorable picture for all the Continue Reading