Manageable House Cleaning Schedule (Even With Kids!)

love this manageable house cleaning schedule!

I am not a cleaner. Some people clean when they are upset or to help them relax. For me, cleaning is always a chore. I do, however, value a clean house... so cleaning is also always a priority. A couple of years ago I found a house cleaning schedule that changed everything. Suddenly the house always felt clean and the effort it took to keep it that way was minimal. I clean between 20 and 30 minutes a day and my house can be "company ready" super quick on ANY day! It's so much nicer than cleaning for hours one day a week (the way I used to do it) and I never get that "ugh the house is a mess feeling". Manageable House Cleaning Continue Reading

Letter G Activity: DIY Glitter Glue

Make your own glitter glue for a Letter G activity

I knew that the letter G activity was approaching in our letter activity series and quite frankly, I was dreading it. I despise glitter, okay probably not despise, but really dislike. I don't mind things that make a mess, in fact I rather enjoy a mess. . .as long as the mess can be cleaned up. Glitter sticks to everything and spills really easy and never seems to be totally gone. While I was busy trying to think of other G things that could replace glitter, I had an idea. This may be one of my better ideas. I might call this a brilliant idea.  PUT THE GLITTER INTO THE GLUE!!! Although I am not the first person to have thought of it, I feel Continue Reading

Time Management Tips for Moms FROM Moms

great time management tips for moms! #1 and #3 are great reminders... #6 is brilliant!

A couple of months ago I needed some major help. I was drowning in a sea of too much to do and not enough time to do it. My to-do list went from being a life raft to being an anchor. My normal tricks for reclaiming control weren't working and I didn't know what to do. Does that ever happen to you? Luckily I was smart enough to reach out to an incredible group of parents, all right at my fingertips. I sent this email to the 3,500 people who are signed up to receive playful parenting and kid's activity emails. This time instead of dishing out tips, I was begging for some time management help. The response was overwhelming.... and incredibly Continue Reading

7 Activities Perfect for Family Bonding Time

Family Bonding Activities

As a family, we have always been big on down time. When the kids were younger we carefully selected outings and enrichment activities so that the bulk of our time was spent at home… together. It was wonderful and because of it family bonding time just happened naturally. Everything is changing though. With growing careers, hubby and I are finding ourselves working more. The kids are also getting older. They want to play sports, join plays and play with neighborhood friends. All of these things seem like the natural next step, but it leaves us rushing around. It suddenly became clear that we were in very serious need of a family Continue Reading

Family Book Club GIVEAWAY

Family Book Club Giveaway

Welcome 2015!!! One of my favorite parts of last year was starting the Family Book Club, so of course it's one of the first things I want to get back to. In case you missed it, we read The Secret Garden first and then we read A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time. Our third Family Book Club will start up on January 17, 2015. We'll be reading Classic Starts™: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Classic Starts™ Series). The kids and I actually read this book last year and I can honestly say it might be one of my favorite books. It's packed with adventure and wonder. We can't wait to read it again. Will you join us this time? (This link is an affiliate Continue Reading

Positive Parenting Techniques that will Help you Love Parenthood

awseome list of postitive pareting techniques. #1 is life changing!

One of the greatest advantages I've had as a parent is that before having my own kids I loved learning about kids. When my kids were born I already had an incredible assortment of parenting tools ready to put into place because of my experience as a preschool teacher. Of course as the kids have grown I've learned more, not only about kids in general but also about my kids specific personalities and strengths. Parenting can be challenging and some days are really, really hard... but I love being a parent. Part of that love comes from the confidence that I can figure out whatever challenge comes along. I've rounded up some of my favorite Continue Reading

5 Beginner Kendama Tricks (and Tips) from Kids Like You!

5 beginner Kendama Tricks videos

I have a 9 year old son... and we have entered the world of Kendama. When he's not busy with Lego activities, he's tossing around his Kendama. His toy came without instructions and lends itself to some very creative play. YAY! But it's also fun to get a few beginner Kendama tricks and tips under your belt to make getting creative easier. There are a lot of Kendama trick tutorials out there. I chose to use videos made by kids. It's very impressive that they can describe their take on the tricks so well. I specifically looked for videos that not only showed the tricks but that also share a tip or two. Enjoy! 5 Beginner Kendama Tricks Continue Reading