12 best FREE learning apps for kids

these are the best free learning apps!

I've already shared a lot about our goals for the summer. While I want to make sure we have a ton of fun this summer, I also want to make sure we're moving forward. Long, unstructured days are a great time for us to be lazy and enjoy some family time. But it also gives us time to focus on important learning and work goals. My sister had a brilliant idea of dividing daily screen time into two categories. Learning time and free time. When I heard that idea I could not wait to start searching out the best learning apps for kids. I am BEYOND excited about what I found. And of course I couldn't wait to share the list with you. The best part? Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 6: Simple Play Dough Play

playdough play

We've reached week 6 of the Creative Kid Table series. That leaves two more weeks of creative table prompts... and boy the last two are good ones! Which activity has been your favorite so far? Creative Kid Table Week 6: Simple Play Dough Play Now that the kids are a little older (8 and 9), we don't have play dough out as often as we used to. I almost think that makes it more exciting when I do bring it out. Tips for successful creative play: Use store bought play dough or try making your own. There are a ton of great ways to play with play dough (just try searching play dough activities on Pinterest) but sometimes simple is Continue Reading

6 Yummy Kid Friendly Chicken Recipes for Summer

kid friendly chicken recipes (#4 will be a big hit at our house)

Living in California means that pretty much any time of year is grilling season. Of course during the summer the barbeque becomes our favorite way to cook. And we are into summer! You can tell by all of the summer activities floating around. We always eat a lot of chicken and it seems like we eat even more of it when the grill is involved. When Foster Farms® asked me to team up with them I knew exactly what needed to be done. On a recent survey, 85 percent of Millennial parents indicated that their criteria for buying meat and poultry has changed over the last several years; 42 percent cited having a child as the primary reason.  Foster Continue Reading

How to Turn “I’m Bored.” into “I Have an Idea!”

4 simple ways to help cure boredom by empowering kids to turn into independent play

The other day I was brainstorming some ideas with a reader, she is desperate to get out of the "I'm bored" cycle. While she absolutely loves planning activities for her kids it's become something that is expected. Her kids are having a hard time playing on their own and she isn't getting the much needed Mom breaks in the day. The truth is that independent play is a skill that comes easier with the right environment and a little practice. Just like with anything else, some kids (and some adults) are naturally more comfortable with downtime. But even for those who would rather be constantly busy, downtime is important. Do you need help Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 5: Simple Sewing

Simple sewing

I'm so excited about all the great feedback I've gotten about these Creative Kid Table activities. Have you had a favorite so far? Let us know in the comments. My favorite was shaving cream play. Although simple sewing will be right up there too! Creative Kid Table Week 5: Simple Sewing Sewing will help with your little one with eye hand coordination, fine motor skills and offer a sensory experience different from what they are used to. Tips for successful creative play: The nets we use come around potatoes, avocados and onions. There are different textures and hole size... start saving them. :) You can find plastic sewing Continue Reading

20 Fun Lunch Box Jokes about Lunch

20 hilarious jokes about lunch! Just in time for back to school.

It's time to start thinking about back to school! New clothes in the closet, clean backpacks filled with empty notebooks, sweet lunch box notes waiting to be written. Okay so maybe lunch box notes are not on the list at my house. A couple of years ago, when my son asked me to stop sending notes in his lunch I was crushed. Knowing I wanted a way to feel connected with him while he was at school, I needed to find a new way to add to his lunch. I started collecting and sending funny kid jokes. Suddenly we had something great to laugh about after school and I knew I was putting a smile on his face every day. He even asked about the lunch Continue Reading

Make Summer Memories with Backyard Family Camp

Lots of great tips for creating a camp in your back yard

As I mentioned in the summer staycation park passports post, this summer has my family staying close to home. That doesn’t mean that we are missing out on making summer memories. Today we're teaming up with Banana Boat® - Follow the Signs for Summer Fun campaign. One of the ways we are celebrating summer is with our very own Family Camp. Family Camp? You may be thinking that sounds really time intensive. I suppose it could be depending on how you run with it, however, part of the reason we are staying close to home this summer is that it’s a particular busy season of life without a lot time or energy for family outings. So, I decided Continue Reading