Family Book Club Week 6: The Secret Garden Wrap Up

Create a secret garden - Family Book Club week 6

Can you believe we are already on the final week of our first edition of the Family Book Club? I've had so much fun with this series. The emails and comments have let me know that you have enjoyed it too! The feedback has helped drive the series and because of it, I've decided to go for round two of the Family Book Club. You will find the next selection at the bottom of this post. For now, let's finish up The Secret Garden. Reading Goal This week read chapters 21-24. The Secret Garden Discussion Questions and Activities Chapter 21 Discussion Question The title of Chapter 21 is Someone Else in the Garden. Think back to early on in the Continue Reading

Letter B Activity: Bubble Painting

b is for bubbles

Ready for a mess? Don't worry it's a small one, and definitely worth it! Today we're bubble painting for the letter B activity as part of the Letter of the Week series. Letter B Activity: Bubble Painting What you need: Letter B, paper, glue, dish soap, blue paint, water, shallow cup, straw. I've tried this activity a few times, so I have a few tips that I'm excited to share. To prepare the Letter B; print out the B, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word bubbles on the bottom of the paper. To prepare the soap mixture start with a big squirt of paint.  I would say I used about 1 tablespoon. Add 1 tablespoon of dish Continue Reading

Letter A Activity: Apple Stamping

Letter A - apple stamping

Working on letter recognition can be really fun. Today's letter of the week is A and today's Letter A activity is apple stamping. Make sure to read the entire post (even if apple stamping feels pretty basic to you) I've included questions to ask your little one as they paint and tips for making it a successful activity. Letter A Activity: Apple Stamping What you need: Letter A, scissors, glue, paper, paint, apple and paint brush (optional). To prepare the Letter A; print out the Letter A, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word apple on the bottom of the paper. Cut an apple in half and dive into this Letter A Continue Reading

Weekly Kids Activity Planner (You are going to love this!)


This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. Today I am specifically speaking to those of you who have kids 5 and under. I'm thinking back to what days were like when M and M were that little. When the days stretched out (sometimes) and flew by (sometimes). At the end of the day I wanted to know that I had done more than clean up messes, cook meals and kiss boo-boos. All of those things important of course... but I also wanted to take part in their learning and growing. I wanted to offer them experiences they would remember. I wanted to have fun with them. In this house we're past the time where I choose what our schedule Continue Reading

Turkey Spelling Activity for Kids

spelling words

Fun spelling words games and easy sight word activities are in demand around here. We have two beginning readers. I know that a strong foundation in sight words and spelling words will give them an extra boost when they sit down to read a book on their own. Adding a Thanksgiving twist with this turkey spelling activity for kids just seemed like the thing to do. Turkey Spelling Activity for Kids 1. Print out the Turkeys. Big M gets 8 spelling words a week so that is how many turkeys you will find on the printout. If you need more just print two pages. Color the turkeys or have your little one color them. 2. Print out the Feathers. I Continue Reading

12 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids of All Ages

Thanksgiving activities for kids broken down by age... awesome!

It's November! I get to put away all the spooky Halloween goodies that the rest of the family loves and start getting ready for Thanksgiving. YAY! I love the fall colors, the extra amount of gratitude going around and of course Thanksgiving activities for kids. Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers Pumpkin Pie Play dough. What reminds you of Thanksgiving more than pumpkin pie? Your Modern Family has a great recipe for Pumpkin Pie Play Dough (all the ingredients are edible by the way). Add some pie tins, rolling pins and a pie server, your little one can have some real fun making pretend pumpkin pies. Leaf Sun Catchers. These Leaf Continue Reading

Learning from Mistakes: How to Accept and Appreciate Mistakes

learning from mistakes... great tips for parents

Raising creative thinkers is one of the top priorities in our house. That is why we talk so much about the books we are reading and work so hard to provide down time. Creative thinkers meet problems, challenges and new situations with the confidence. They know that no matter what, they will eventually find an answer or figure out how to make a situation work. In order to be creative thinkers we must be not only be willing to make mistakes, we must know how to celebrate them.  Not every endeavor will be successful; in fact a lot of ideas quickly flop.  The way mistakes are treated will greatly affect how kids meet the next challenge, the Continue Reading