10 Fun Things to do at Home in the Summer

lemonade stand

School’s out, so summer must be unquestionably fun for you and your family even with the least effort, right? But how do you make that happen? Every parent who has to live with restless kids during vacation knows the pressure of keeping the kids occupied with fun and safe kids activities. If you’re worrying about how to make your kids enjoy their summer vacation, then fret no more. Check out these fun home activities with kids that the whole family can enjoy at home. 10 Fun Things to do at Home in the Summer Let them help out in the yard. You may have to shoulder the heavy work, but even a toddler can get involved. This is a great way to Continue Reading

Creating a Family Snack Bar

5 tips for creating a family snack bar

The thing that I love about summer is the way my families pace changes, we ease up on lessons and find more time for adventures. The kids think our light load of lessons means they are getting away with something, but to be honest the change in pace often allows them to learn and practice skills differently than they would during the rest of the year. So even though summer inevitably changes the pace of life in our household, I think of it as a prime time to work on skills, routines and schedules that will smooth out our day to day routine all year round. But, shhhhhh…. we don’t have to tell my kids that! With four kids between the Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 7: Draw a Story

draw a story - simple storytelling prompts

It's week 7 of the Creative Kid Table series. It's been the perfect way to entertain the kids this summer while inspiring a little creative play. Creative Kid Table Week 7: Draw a Story Today's prompt encourages a couple of my favorites! Art and storytelling. Tips for successful creative play: Set out story cubes, cards or prompts.  If you don't have store bought story cubes, write out (or draw) a few story prompts. Keep them simple. (A bat, a flower, a rain cloud, a person sitting, a person running, etc.) We love Rory's Story Cubes. (affiliate link). Set out colored pencils and plain white paper. Questions to get your kids Continue Reading

How to Handle Anger in Kids: In the Moment & Beyond

Great tips for how to handle anger in kids

I've been working one-on-one with parents, brainstorming positive parenting techniques for their specific challenges. One of the topics that keeps coming up is how to handle anger in kids. Angry outbursts can feel scary and sudden and overwhelming. It's hard to know what to do in the moment, especially if you don't have a good plan already in place. I know this because we've been there too. If you have a specific parenting issue you want some help with click over to Ask Jill. I would love to help! The thing about anger is that the emotion itself isn't bad. Just like any other emotion, it has its purpose. The goal isn't to get rid of Continue Reading

12 best FREE learning apps for kids

these are the best free learning apps!

I've already shared a lot about our goals for the summer. While I want to make sure we have a ton of fun this summer, I also want to make sure we're moving forward. Long, unstructured days are a great time for us to be lazy and enjoy some family time. But it also gives us time to focus on important learning and work goals. My sister had a brilliant idea of dividing daily screen time into two categories. Learning time and free time. When I heard that idea I could not wait to start searching out the best learning apps for kids. I am BEYOND excited about what I found. And of course I couldn't wait to share the list with you. The best part? Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 6: Simple Play Dough Play

playdough play

We've reached week 6 of the Creative Kid Table series. That leaves two more weeks of creative table prompts... and boy the last two are good ones! Which activity has been your favorite so far? Creative Kid Table Week 6: Simple Play Dough Play Now that the kids are a little older (8 and 9), we don't have play dough out as often as we used to. I almost think that makes it more exciting when I do bring it out. Tips for successful creative play: Use store bought play dough or try making your own. There are a ton of great ways to play with play dough (just try searching play dough activities on Pinterest) but sometimes simple is Continue Reading

6 Yummy Kid Friendly Chicken Recipes for Summer

kid friendly chicken recipes (#4 will be a big hit at our house)

Living in California means that pretty much any time of year is grilling season. Of course during the summer the barbeque becomes our favorite way to cook. And we are into summer! You can tell by all of the summer activities floating around. We always eat a lot of chicken and it seems like we eat even more of it when the grill is involved. When Foster Farms® asked me to team up with them I knew exactly what needed to be done. On a recent survey, 85 percent of Millennial parents indicated that their criteria for buying meat and poultry has changed over the last several years; 42 percent cited having a child as the primary reason.  Foster Continue Reading