“Lunch Box Rules” Every Family Needs!

Lunch box rules

School is right around the corner and so is packing lunches. This year I'll be following some important lunch box rules I learned over the past few years. Follow me to Parents.com to learn more. Then head over to Del Monte's Facebook Page for their Squeeze or Spoon Contest. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Del Monte. The opinions and text are all mine. Continue Reading

Reading to Active Kids

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When a reader asked me about reading to active kids I had the answers ready.  What a great question, and one I know a lot of parents would like answered. I have a lot of experience with active kids and reading has always been a big part of our day to day. "I have a question about your experience with books. My son has a VERY difficult time settling into a story and while I'm "reading" tends to be running all over the house. He doesn't have a huge interest in books or sitting for them. I know the importance of reading to my child, but do you have any advice on reading to a child who is so active they aren't able to "settle" for book time? Or Continue Reading

5 Creative Ways to Get Kids Reading This Summer

Creative ways to get your kids reading

This post is brought to you by JetBlue and Momtastic.  I am extremely excited to team up with JetBlue today! JetBlue’s annual, award-winning summer literacy program Soar with Reading is fantastic, and something I know you'll want to hear about. JetBlue is working with Random House Children’s Books and bestselling author Mary Pope Osborne, known for her Magic Tree House® series, which features the adventures of brother-sister duo Jack and Annie, to help place age-appropriate books in the hands of children in under-served areas. This summer, JetBlue needs YOUR help to make a huge impact on children’s literacy. With your support, Continue Reading

Places to Visit in California with Kids – Kidspace Museum

2 imagination workshop

Today I am joining a group of California bloggers to share some of our favorite places to visit in California with kids. I know, I know, a lot of you don't actually live in California. Don't leave just yet! You just might find a good reason (or two) to come visit... the weather is always nice. :) A couple of weeks ago my sister and I piled all 5 of our kids in the car and drove to Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. It's actually right next to the Rose Bowl. For us it was quite a drive... and trust me worth every mile!!!! Kidspace was kind enough to provide us with complementary tickets. Places to Visit in California with Kids - Continue Reading

Easy Math Bowling with Capri Sun Pouches

what a fun way to practice math! Math bowling with Capri Sun

Math activities are something that happens a lot around here, whether I prompt it or not. M and M love math just like their Dad. They are always measuring things, playing games that involve using their math skills and asking me to drill them with math facts. Since math is NOT one my strengths, I'm constantly stretching my brain trying to keep up. And they are only in 1st and 2nd grade! YIKES! I guess I better keep playing math games right along with them :) A few weeks ago we had a lot of fun with math and movement in our hopscotch addition game. I figured the kids would love to mix movement and math again... and I was right! Math Continue Reading

14 Simple Preschool Science Experiments

simple preschool science experiments

Science is one of my favorite ways to play with the kids. We did so many fun and simple science experiments during their preschool years. Rounding up activities for this post was great because it gave me a chance to look back and remember just how little they used to be. These activities don't take much planning and include tips for how to talk to kids about what is happening. Enjoy! 14 Simple Preschool Science Experiments Bring the science play outside with a backyard volcano. You can use a sandbox or a dirt area. (Add toy dinosaurs for some pretend play fun.) Have you played with cornstarch  and water? It's messy, for sure, but Continue Reading

A Mom with a Lesson Plan — Reader Survey

Hello A Mom with a Lesson Plan readers! I hope you are having a fun and relaxing summer so far. We're halfway through ours already... I can't believe it. Over the summer I've been working behind the scenes and trying to find places that I can improve the blog. Now I need your help. This survey will help me bring more relevant posts and ideas to you. It should only take a few minutes and I would really appreciate it! All you have to do is read and answer the questions. There are 10 all together. At the bottom of each "section" you will find a next button. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your feedback is really important to me and it Continue Reading