Back to school

It is officially that time again. This morning I packed TWO lunches, helped with TWO backpacks, kissed TWO kids goodbye and headed home. ALONE. Hmmmm. Now what to do? I know. I’ll make a list of back to school goodies from all over the web. So here it is… the ABCs of Back to School.

back to school

A for APPLE. Of course apple… it’s school! Check out this apple with heart. (It’s way too cute to miss).

B for BREAKFAST. Make an easy and extra special breakfast like our new favorite Baked Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. (Yes they are as yummy as they sound).

C for CONNECT. Enjoy an after drop off “Mama Java”. Connect with other moms over coffee while the kids are busy connecting with classmates.

D for Diary. Make DIY Pocket Journal / diary / sketchbook for your little one to record the events of her special day.

E for EXERCISE. Give your kids a little physical activity before they leave for school. Their teacher will thank you for providing them a bit of exercise before they have to sit still.

F for FOOT SOAK. Yes I said foot soak. If for you (like me) this back to school means 6 hours of mom time, take advantage of it. Soak your feet with homemade foot soak and watch some chick flicks. Chores and appointments will fill time before we know it… so enjoy the first few days.

G for GIFT. Teacher gift that is. Use these free printouts to make adorable personalized note cards or make a crayon monogram.

H for HOMEWORK STATION. Make homework central portable and fun.

I for INCHES. Use this adorable vintage measuring tape growth chart to keep track of how many inches your little one grows over the year.

lunch box jokes

J for JOKES. Surprise your student with these lunch box jokes for kids.

K for KEEPSAKE. Before you store away those artistic gems that come home from school find a creative way to store kids art.

L for LUNCH BOX. Search these yummy lunch box ideas for the perfect back to school lunch.

M for MRS. BINDERGARTEN. Read a good school book to help get your little one ready. We like Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten.

N for NOTEBOOK TEE. This notebook tee tutorial is so cute and so simple. I just might make a couple!

O for Organize. Set out clothes for the week using days of the week tags for school outfits.

Zipper mouth pencil pouch

P for PENCIL CASE. Make a pencil case with this easy to follow Zipper Mouth Pencil Case how-to. (Better yet, have the kids make one like we did!)

Q for QUALITY. Use these simple ideas for being kind to your child to insure that after school time is quality time.

R for ROUTINE. Establish a morning schedule than print it out so everyone has a visual of your morning routine.

S for STORAGE. With school comes papers. Lots and lots of papers. Make sure you’re ready for it with this school paper storage system.

T for TRADITION. Start off the year with a back to school tradition like this adorable first day photo.

U for UNIFORM. Make sure your “Mom Uniform” makes you feel like your going somewhere. It will make all the difference as you run in an out of drop off.

V for VOLUNTEER. No link with this one. Just a little reminder that the best way to stay connected with your kids’ education is to volunteer. Ask on the first day… I bet your teacher could use your special skills through out the year.

W for WATER. Make sure to pack plenty of water. Funtainer straw cups are our favorite way to keep the kids hydrated.

X is for EXTRA CREDIT. Score some extra credit with the schools office staff. Stop by with some extra delish Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes. They deserve some love too!

Y for YOGURT CHIPS. These DIY frozen yogurt chips would make a perfect easy after school treat.

better bedtime

Z for ZZZZZZ. Sleep is important for making sure everyone is well rested for school. Try our Better Bedtime trick to make bedtime something everyone enjoys.

What are you doing to prepare for back to school?

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  1. says

    LOVE this list. 1day for us is preschool on the 11th September – still 3 weeks away but I’m so not ready for it. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time – if that’s me I don’t know what J is feeling like.

    • says

      Probably just excited. :) I never really had a hard time with Big M going to school but Little M felt so different. She’s so little, plus she’s my youngest. It all went very well, and she is happily a Kindergartner now. Good luck Cerys, can’t wait to hear how it goes.


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