a life of BALANCE

When I was younger I was all about fun.  I wasn’t completely irresponsible, but fun was certainly my top priority.  Once hubs and kids came along I went full swing to the other side of responsibility.  Of course that doesn’t mean that I never have fun.  In fact I really enjoy most of my responsibilities but everything I do is actually on my to do list.

My goal (or resolution) is to find BALANCE this year and ahhhh I am off to a great start.

There was a grin on my face for the entire day today because this week was so BALANCED.

What does my perfectly balanced week look like?


  • A kidless date with hubs.
  • Productivity with cleaning, organizing projects and blog stuff.
  • Hours of play with M and M.
  • Dressing like I’m going somewhere. :)
  • Three days of walking.
Ahhh… now lets see if I can wake up and do it again!

What does balance look like to you?



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