simple backyard BALLOON toss

One of the things on our Summer Bucket List is BALLOONS!  I’ve been collecting balloon ideas for a while but of course I wanted to create an activity of my own. (That’s how I flex my creativity muscle. :))

DIY balloon toss perfect for getting outside!

This simple backyard balloon toss was so much fun to put together.

With the my sister and her girls coming over for the day I wanted an activity that all 5 kids (ages 2 -6) could enjoy together or one at a time. Basically I was attempting to gain 1/2 hour of mommy chat time while the kids were occupied. It worked. :)

DIY balloon toss... so easy to make

I filled the balloon with rice (just like I did for our Milk Jug Yo Yo’s).

DIY balloon toss... so easy to make

Then I used some ribbon as the launching sting. Yes I said launching sting. I made only one per kid but had to make 5 more. They ended up over the fence and on the roof while the kids were figuring out control.

DIY balloon toss... so easy to make

Once the balloons were made it was time to make some targets. Did you know that if you soak chalk it makes bright and lasting lines? When I made our Sight Word Twister the board stayed put for 3 whole weeks.  AWESOME!

DIY balloon toss... so easy to make

I made different size circles and put numbers inside.  Since the goal was a “Mom break”, I kept the activity as easy as possible. Next time I set it up I will add a drawing board so that M and M can add up their scores and practice some math skills while they play. (Another fun learning idea could be to fill the circles with sight words or simply letters.)

DIY balloon toss... so easy to make

The stand here line worked as a perfect launching spot.

Once the kids were ready I handed each one a balloon and they got busy with this simple backyard balloon toss.

DIY balloon toss... so easy to make

I’m still on the hunt for more great balloon activities.  What’s your favorite thing to do with balloons?


  1. Jamie says

    We had such fun with this today! Since I didn’t want the kids playing in the street and our driveway is on an incline, I used hula-hoops and buckets. I had the kids make point labels and they wrote their scores with chalk on our fence! They were so happy!

    I just saw something in Family Fun magazine that called for using this type of balloon to know cans over…just have to collect some cans. :) Thanks again.


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