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I’m not the only one who rang in the new year with best of posts.  Here are some of my favorite bloggers and their best of lists!

Hand’s On:  As We Grow shared her Best Project for Kids from 2011.

Tinker Lab listed her Top 10 Posts of 2011.

The Imagination Tree shared her Top 10 Creative Art Ideas for 2011.

Mama Pea Pod’s list of Best of 2011.

 Teach Preschool combined her Top Posts of 2011 with many others… that list should keep you busy for a while!



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    Hey! I just happened on your blog through another blog that I got off of pinterest! Crazy way to come upon it but I did! I teach preschool for my child and another kid. It’s hard coming up with stuff because they are on totally different learning rates. The one kid could care less about numbers, sounds, abc’s while my kid excels really well in those areas. I’ve just decided that we’ll learn stuff but make it more crafty so that I can expound on things if I get the opportunity otherwise they just get to have fun. I’m going to do your letter A with the apple stamp amongst other things from other blogs. I’m always looking for ideas for all my kids. My oldest one is 4, next one is 3 (and loves to participate in our little preschool), and a last one who’s 1. I’ve been so enjoying teaching my kids I’ve thought about homeschooling which I’ve never thought I’d even consider! We’ll see what happens! I signed up for your emails too!!! So excited to follow along! :)

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      YEAH!!! I am so excited that you are here! Welcome. There is so much great information on line that will make teaching an even better job than it already is. Mine are leaving that preschool age, I’m a little sad because the little ones are so much fun. If you have any questions ASK!

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