giving the gift of memories… a very special Birthday Date

My sister is BRILLIANT! And no I’m not just saying that because she is the editor of this little bloggy blog here. (Meaning she reads everything before you do. ūüėČ ) She is also the creator of one of our favorite family traditions. The Birthday Date.

The Birthday Date isn’t an earth shattering idea. It’s simple… and we love simple. She takes each of the kids (her¬†nieces¬†and nephew) on a date for their birthday instead of buying them a gift.

Birthday date for kidsAuntie L started birthday dates 3 years ago when S was turning 4. Her special date was to a beauty school. She wore her princess dress and was treated to an updo. (This would have worked at a salon too of course!)

Big M’s 7 year old birthday date was a half hour train ride down the coast…. just the two of them. He brought his own camera and took pictures of the sights. I can not tell you how much he LOVED that experience.

Birthday date for kids

The kids talk about their birthday dates all year. Because Auntie L does such a great job of making these dates personal… the experiences vary greatly. This year Little M got to see her first¬†Broadway¬†play for her birthday date. (Oh yes I was TOTALLY jealous and almost begged to join. But I got my own birthday date. It wouldn’t be fair for me to crash hers!)

T has a fantastic imagination and loved her picnic in the park. She picked the place and Auntie L planned a fun adventure to go along with their lunch.

These birthday dates have turned into something magical for the kids…

Birthday date for kids

and they almost always involve ice cream!

A note from Auntie L... Since I am the editor I can add a tidbit of my own: Birthday dates aren’t just special for the little ones.¬† There are very few moments when I get to be with each individual niece and nephew alone.¬† When you come from a family like ours you usually get the whole crew.¬† I look forward to these Birthday Dates as much as the kids do¬†because it is a time where I get them ALL to myself and I get to join in on the fun! :)

Other Birthday Date Ideas

  • Painting Studio
  • Book Store
  • Children’s Museum
  • Trolley or Bus ride around the city
  • Beach Day
  • Nail Salon

birthday dateWant more Birthday Bash fun? Click here to see ALL our Birthday resources and tips. For even more fun, be sure to check out our Birthday Wishes Pinterest Board!

Today’s Birthday date post is sponsored by Melissa & Doug’s Ultimate Birthday bash!

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    I love this idea! Especially the train birthday date, but as you can see from my blog’s title, we’re partial to that at our house. :) But giving an experience instead of an object is a wonderful tradition to have, particularly when you’ll be making memories together.
    Jessica @ Play Trains! recently posted..The Sunday Semaphore #1


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