15 Super Simple Birthday Party Ideas

A friend told me I “saved the day” with my Lego Party Birthday posts. She said they were simple, she had everything she needed and made it possible for her to take a deep breath. YES! That is my goal here… to help Mom’s everywhere take a breath.

We have a blast putting together parities, but I am not a party planner (nor do I want to be). I want the decorations, invitations, and games to be easy, inexpensive and fun. If that sounds like the way you like to PARTY then I have a little treat for you…

Simple, Inexpensive and Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Planning made simple

Lego Party… Invitations and Decorations
Lego Party… Goodie Bags and Pendants
Lego Party… Games 
Lego Party… Cake

Birthday Party Planning made simple

Princess Party… Invitations
Princess Party… Kiss the Frog Game
Princess Party… Decorations
Princess Party… Missing Slipper Game and Princess Crown Activity
Super simple Birthday Party ideas

Sleepover…  Make Your own Pizza and Sundae
Sleepover… Magic Beans
Sleepover… Milk Jug Yo Yo

Birthday Party Planning made simple


Tea Party… Ribbon Tent
Tea Party… Tissue Paper Flower Napkin Rings
Tea Party… Pin the Tail on the Unicorn and Ribbon Dancing
Tea Party… Frame Prop 

Birthday Book Review

Leave your simple Birthday Party planning tips in the comment section!


  1. Dawn says

    What wonderful ideas. My son is having a Lego party next week. I love the name tag font and relay game. I will have to add those. Thanks!
    Blessings, Dawn

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