Book Review ~ Birthday

I found a few great birthday books to help Little M celebrate.

Princess Party
by Joy Allen

My sister, knowing Little M so well, loaned us this fantastic book.   Little M carried it everywhere for the first half of February and we read it A LOT!  Princess Party is colorful, fun, and there is even a little message weaved in.  The book starts off with two princesses preparing for their party.  One princess in a pink fluffy tutu with a fancy tiara, the other in a red boots and a cow girl hat.  Both princesses dance through the book while participating in activities like dancing at the ball and defending the castle.  I love the idea that Joy Allen so subtly sent out. . .a princess is an incredible girl who is incredible just the way she is!

Happy Birthday Moon
by Frank Asch

I used to read this one when our preschool was up and running, but I had forgotten about it until I started searching for birthday books.  As soon as I saw the title my heart jumped a little.  This sweet little bear sets out to speak to the moon.  When he mistakes his echo for a conversation with the moon he quickly finds that the moon shares his birthday.  The bear is so polite, generous and understanding. . .just as we should always be on our birthdays.  I had a great time sharing this old favorite with my little ones!

Little Ballet Star
by Adele Geras    Illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas

I selected this book for the simple fact that the cover is pink.  Because Big M was first, Little M has a library full of trucks, construction and sports.  I was just attempting to “girl” up our books a bit.  We fell in love with this little ballerina right away.  The book takes you on a tour backstage of an elegant play.  The little ballerina watches her Aunt perform on stage and even gets a little birthday surprise at the end.  The pictures are adorable and the story flows nicely.  This one is a keeper!

I’m always looking for a great new book, so email me your favorites.  Once I’ve had time to find them at the library, I’ll read them and pass the word along!

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