borrowed book review ~ MOTHER’S DAY

I was really disappointed with the selection of Mother’s Day books I came home from the library with, so I’ve been sitting at the computer dreading this post (and by sitting at the computer I mean laying on the couch watching TV).  I mean what would you do without my weekly book review?  I can’t just skip it.  Good thing I came up with this great idea before the nap time ended!

I did a little searching and found some books that I can’t wait to read.  I hope you find these reviews AWESOME and I promise to be back with my own review next Thursday. reviews 3 Mom books and 1 Grandma book here. has a nice review of Mother’s Day Surprise by Stephen Krensky and Kathi Ember. has a HUGE list of Mommy books here.

Since it’s Mother’s Day, and I am all about celebrating me. . .click here to see my favorite children’s books.

That should get you started. . .of course if you have a favorite Mom book please tell me about it!

p.s.  Did you see my new button???  Most of the design stuff that you see changing around here is thanks to my Hubby.  The button is all me though, you can applaud. . . or just grab it and stick it somewhere fun!

This post is a part of the Mother’s day lesson plan.

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