a little bloggy vacation

It’s summer, it’s hot, and I want to relax. While blogging, writing and connecting online are some of my very favorite things to do I need a little break. It won’t be a long one, I promise. Just two short weeks.

Of course I am going to leave you with plenty of playful learning to keep you busy while I’m gone and I will come back well rested Tuesday August 7th (see very short. :))

So what can you do while I’m gone?

1. Tara (our Camp Mom) will still be here on Mondays. So make  sure to stop in for that.

2. Check out what these awesome bloggers have said about Raising a Creative Kid. Then come back here and buy your own copy!

~Modern Parents Messy Kids
~Inspiration Laboratories
~Artful Parent
~Creative with Kids
~Train up a Child
~One Perfect Day
~Mama Pea Pod
~Let’s Lasso the Moon

3. Dig though the menu bar. See if there are any Lesson Plans, Series or Mommy Fun Facts you have missed! (Make sure to share your favorites on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterst).

4. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. SERIOUSLY! If you look at the blue bar that runs across the top of amomwithalessonplan you will find something new from BlogHer (the ad network I work with). They have added BlogHer TV. I am so excited about it. So far their featured videos have been wonderful! The first week I learned how to cut a pineapple the easy way, the second week was shrimp tacos, and today I watched a PB & J sandwich creation that we can’t wait to bite into.

Have a wonderful two weeks and I’ll be back before you even have a chance to miss me.



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