CKLC #7: Build a Lego Flag

The Lego Pet entries were so cool! We loved every single one… oh it was hard to choose 3 to feature. Make sure to visit the gallery and see all the Lego Pets (after you read about this week’s Creative Kids Lego Challenge of course).

CKLC #5 – Lego Pet Features


The Whale created by Jordyn (Age 3). The whale had a back and it was happy to see his family. And it found some fish that seemed to be his friend. And he went off to get some more food and more and more. And they ate it all, so they could get some more. When they got to the end of it and there was a big crack. They turned around and got some teeth.


Dog created by Carlos (Age 5). It is a dog, He likes to play a lot, specially with balls. His name is Morgan. He lives with a cat and a family. He sleeps downstairs. He once got lost with the cat but found his way home again.


A Bird created by Connor (Age 6). So this bird, he rescues people and he can protect himself when he is trying to take off from fighting ducks. He lives in a tree in my house. I give him pretzels, crackers and birdseed to eat. He helps people make crafts. He helps people make robots and he helps build workshops.

See the entire Lego Pet Gallery.

CKLC #6 – Build a Lego Flag

Lego Flag

Build a Lego Flag! That’s easy enough right? It can be a flag that represents where you live or a flag for a made up place. Tell us all about your flag. Spend some time researching facts about your flag or get creative and share a made up history for your flag. Happy building!

I look forward to seeing your creations and reading your stories. Head over, read the rules and submit your entry.

Have a friend who loves Lego as much as you do? Email this post to them and get creative together!

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    I really enjoyed this post and considering to share it on my Facebook wall. These kids are very smart and their brilliant thinking they’re showing through creating such creative things using Lego. It’s just seems amazing to me. Thanks.

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