25 Family Games {Perfect for the amount of time you have to play!}

Family game nights are awesome, but they aren’t always practical. With school, sports, and other schedule filling activities,  planning out an entire night to play games can be overwhelming. It can also mean it never happens.

Games have a great way of connecting us, they give kids a safe place to practice winning (and losing) gracefully, they teach patience and sometimes even math or reading.

Plus, playing family games is a great way to just have fun… together. That’s why games at our house are a priority. Right now our busy schedules don’t allow for a set game time, that means we need to be ready with a game that fits perfectly into the amount of time we have. Luckily our game closet is well stocked.

So, how much time do you have??? I have the perfect game…

How much time do you have? This family game list is broken into sections for how long they take to play!

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5 min family games

15 min family games

30 min family games

1 hour or more family games

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Do you have a favorite game not on the list? How long does it take to play?


  1. says

    My husband (and his family) love games and now I do too! Our all time favorite is dominoes, but we just found this new one Qwirkle that is super fun. It’s all about shapes and colors and great for kids!!! Great post! Love your blog!

  2. Jill says

    My 11 year old daughter and I play Yahtzee all the time. Adding up the dice really helps with her math skills!


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