Father’s Day Tribute. . .Lucky M & M

I knew exactly what type of Dad my Hubby would be before we even had kids.  Our first baby, the four legged furry M in our little tribe, came to us 3 months old.  I was adamant that she would NOT sleep in our bed.  So I set up a towel on the floor in our room and braced myself for a sleepless night.  Hubs got out of bed at the first wimper and curled up next to Furry M on the floor until she was asleep.  My heart skipped a beat and has been ever since.

If I were to make a list of what makes him such a great Dad, it would fill the screen again and again.  Instead let me show you some of the things that make me swoon, Big M beam with pride and Little M insist that Daddy is the man of her dreams.  (Of course my hands-on Hubs is just as active as my kids, so the pics are all a little blurry!)

Big M wants to be just like his Daddy.  Building, fixing, creating. . .it’s in his DNA.

The city we live in hosted a Daddy/Princess ball.  Little M got to dress up and dance the night away.  Every little girl’s dream.

Father’s Day Fun ~ Shadow Monsters
( a game created by Daddy)

what you need: darkness ~ flashlight ~ a lot of energy

Make a monster shadow.  Show the kids just what’s chasing them and then. . .


I would love to hear all about the wonderful Daddy in your life. . .leave me a comment and tell us all about him!

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