Father’s Day Tribute…Lucky Me

Growing up both of my parents worked, but they arranged their schedules so that we were always with one parent or the other.  (A sacrifice that I now understand)  My mom worked evenings so my dad would get home, feed us dinner, and put us to bed.

My dad can build anything and has spent hours (days. . .weeks) bringing my every dream to life.  From a custom night stand to a full blown darkroom. . .if I wanted it he would make it happen.

I never had any doubt that my sisters and I would find incredible husbands. . .Dad set the standard high.

Here he plays grocery with Little M.

Out for a quick ride with Grandpa.

Dancing around the room with Baby J.

My Dad with his girls. Neal (Penny’s Hubby) with his girls. Chris (my Hubs) with M and M.

Notice all the GIRLS?  I’m sure my dad was thrilled when we got married; adding a couple of men into the mix.  He never seemed to mind having a group of girls around, in fact he coached our softball teams and watched every fashion show with a smile.

What great things to you have to say about your Dad?


  1. nicole says

    My Dad is also a builder and blessed with a bunch of girls! It is truly amazing watching his designs and creations come to life on a construction site. I am inspired by his patience and willingness to pitch in and although we live far away from home… a quick walk through the sawdusty smell of Home Depot takes me right back. Maybe that’s why I always have a respectable amount of projects on my ‘HoneyDo’ list! Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful Dads out there! :)

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