feeling a little grateful today…

Feeling a little grateful today.  Well the truth is I feel grateful every day!  If I started a list… you would be bored out of your mind by the time you reach 100.  (hee hee… I am a lucky, lucky girl).  This past week I have been feeling extra grateful for one of the little people in my life.  My niece S.

S is six.  (One month younger than Big M.  My sister and I have always done everything together, pregnancy was no exception… but that is for another Sunday ;)).  S is so sweet, so thoughtful, and so creative.  She is also a self proclaimed genius. . . we all agree.

While my sister is not crafty she has always provided her girls with supplies so they can explore and create.  S comes up with some pretty inspiring stuff.

Last spring S provided the activity for this Pipe Cleaner post.

She is also the star of this Turkey Picture from last week.

Were you on Facebook when I shared the super cute trick or treat story about my niece who handed out thank you cards to all of the people who gave out candy?  That was her.  Have you ever heard of  such a thing?  She came up with it on her own.

I am grateful to have S for a niece.  As she gets older I’m sure her ideas will get more creative… and I love being her go to girl for all things crafty!!!


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