camera lesson #2… read the manual again

I am starting to really like my Nikon CoolPix S6100, although I’m still very much in the learning phase.  For Camera Lesson #1 (read the manual), I felt lost and discouraged.  But, I kept reading… and for Camera Lesson #2 (read the manual AGAIN) I started to learn some pretty cool stuff.

My camera does have an auto, of course, but it also has a scene selection.  So I can choose from a list of scenes and the camera will auto set from there.

Scenes I can choose from

inside shots
(there are a few different scenes for this)
close up
(those last few make me laugh… very specific ;) )

What I learned after taking a few pics on these different scenes is;  sports scene is great for capturing busy toddlers, close up is not just for small objects, and my kids are not ever still enough for the portrait scene!

Here’s a picture I took using close up scene.  I love it!!!

What did you learn from reading the manual?

an now for

Camera Lesson #3 ~ the flash

I stopped using a flash pretty soon after I started this blog.  It was easy to tell that good lighting was the way to go for good pics.  The problem is… not all of the activities I want to share with you are in good lighting!  I can’t very well ask Big M to move his AWESOME block structure to a location more suitable for photographing!  So I guess I’ll need to learn some tricks for how to use a flash on a point and click camera.

Here are two articles I read.  I plan to use the notes I’ve taken and do a little flash experimenting.

Tips for using a Point & Shoot Camera
5 tips for better photos with point-and-shoot cameras

Do you have any tips or articles to share?

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