Guest Post and a Challenge

I’m over a Kids Activity Blog again… WAIT!  Don’t go yet.

I know, I know there is so much cool stuff to see over there you are probably itching to press that little button.  I want to meet with you here first… is that okay?

The post that Kids Activity Blog is hosting is one of my Mommy Fun Facts… you’ll have to head over to see.  WAIT!  Not yet.

In case you are new here, my Mommy Fun Facts are little tips I’ve learned along the way that make life with a KID (or kids) easier.  And isn’t easier good?!?!

Mommy Fun Facts range from #1… perception is everything (how to present old toys to make them irresistible again)
To important parenting strategies like  # 11 Conflict Resolution (including a printable step by step guide.)
Yeah for Mommy Fun Facts… and yeah for Kids Activity Blog.

Now for the CHALLENGE.

After you have read my post (of course) I want you to scour Kids Activity Blog in search of some awesome science activities.  Science is not my strongest subject… so help me out.  Once you found something come back here and link it up in the comments.

All right… your free to go…


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