How to Make Spelling Fun and 25 Spelling Activities for Kids

Learning how to spell is important. (I think we can all agree on that). Spelling practice can be really boring. (Again, I think we can all agree). Spelling can be fun though, we prove that every week around here! Little M is always excited to see what type of spelling activities I have up my sleeve, and I am always on the look out for new ways to make spelling fun.

Here are a few guidelines I use when planning a spelling activity, along with a list of great activities to get your kids enjoying spelling practice right way!

Great list for making spelling fun + Great Activities

How to Make Spelling Fun and 25 Spelling Activities for Kids

Add movement. That’s pretty much my motto for everything. Since my kids are in constant bounce mode (are we the only ones?) I know that adding movement will always get their attention quickly. And adding movement to learning ensures that they will stay engaged longer. YAY!

Make it a game. We are very serious game people. Which means there is almost always a game in play at our house. I love to throw in a spelling game once in a while. Extra Tip: Some of these games are really great for transition moments. If you have your little ones spelling list (or just think up a quick list) these games will be perfect when you’re waiting at a restaurant or killing time before  school.

Pair it with a holiday. Kids love to celebrate holidays with activities and art projects. Why not extend the fun with some playful learning as well? You’re already celebrating anyway!

Use items you already have. There is no need to go crazy creating fancy spelling word activities. These activities are fairly simple to prep and use items you have around the house.

Get Creative. Have fun when deciding what type of spelling activities your kids will love. Try to incorporate some of their favorite toys or objects.

Does your little one have a favorite way to practice spelling? Share how you make spelling fun in the comments.


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    A lot of great ideas in this post. Our favorite way to learn spelling is to play spelling bees. Sadly, my daughter is a much better speller when she takes time to think about the word she spells and still makes sloppy spelling mistakes when she is writing to “get it over with”.

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    Jillian (or Jill),
    Great write up. I love the list. Especially the spelling hopscotch, spelling word tic-tac-toe (my daughters love playing this anyway), and spelling hangman. What really great ideas! Thank you for such a useful post, I really enjoyed reading it.


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