I SPY (jewelry and shoes)

Remember the I SPY posts from the past couple of weeks?  We started with around the neighborhood and then had some fun around the house.  Well it’s time again!  Jewelry and Shoes is the challenge for this week’s I SPY over at LittleMissMomma.

I’ll admit I groaned a little when I read the topic.  I’m not very girlie when it comes to shoes (I probably own 3 or 4 pairs. . .see I don’t even know!)  And when I met Hubby he wore more jewelry than me!  Luckily this blog is not about me and oh boy does Little M have some shoes!!!!

We made a “girl day” of it and started off painting our nails while Big M was off at school.  Then I pulled out a few towels, Little M’s dress up clothes, and the camera.  We lined up her shoes and had ourselves a little photo shoot!

Are you totally jealous of Little M’s cloths rack???   My Hubby is the designer and creator of that gorgeous piece of kid furniture.  Little M is one lucky little girl!

The runway.

Love those shoes?  They worked perfect as Cinderella’s slipper for Little M’s princess party game.  I secretly wish my feet would fit in those size 5s.

Who cares if they are on the wrong feet. . .still very cute.

Yeah!! Cousin T came for a visit, all dressed up and ready to strut her stuff down the runway.  How did she know?

Not sure how it happened, but the runway turned into a wedding aisle.

Rings were exchanged.  (Big M’s idea, and quick crafting).

Yep, that’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Thank you, thank you LittleMissMomma.  You have now officially inspired three fantastic activities.  All of which lasted a couple of hours and will go into our great memory files!


  1. Erin says

    I love it!!! Such a great idea and this is something that they wont be forgetting any time soon!! These are the types of things that the kids will do for their kiddos when they are parents too!! What a fun activity!

  2. says

    Love it!! Too cute ! Great idea. Just this morning my little one, all of 2 and 1/2 yrs, wanted to wear boots to pre-school when I did not approve he walked in with sand colored size 8 dress shoes and said they looked good. The swiffer duster’s hook that has come off is currently an earring, would be perfect for I do’s…
    mama roses recently posted..Just for fun !

    • Jillian says

      Did you let him wear the dress shoes? They may have made it difficult to run on the play ground=)

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