Introductions and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

I am so excited to be making some introductions today.

Me, Penny, Grandma, Mom and Lisa

You all know me, of course if this is your first time here you can visit my profile to learn a little more.  My Grandma, there in the middle, will not be making an appearance on amomwithalessonplan unless you count an occasional audience picture like this one, but I wanted to include her because she impresses me constantly.  Can you believe she’s 92!?!?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  Lucky, lucky us to have been raised by you.  You are more than you know you are.  Smart, funny, kind, persistent and supportive.   You are the kind of mom I aspire to be.  And of course thank you for reading my blog everyday!

Lisa is my youngest sister.  She is a middle school math and science teacher.  She is a HUGE behind-the-scenes help for amomwithalessonplan.  She is also my go-to girl for all things math.  I can’t wait to share some of the math concepts I’ve learned from her.

Penny is a year and a half younger than me.  Our lives run on a sort of parallel.  Married the same year, our oldest are 1 month apart, her second (my last) are 3 months apart.  When we were in our early 20s we opened a home family child-care.  Our focus was on teaching preschool.  Our schooling is almost identical and although our personalities are pretty different, we share a lot of the same teaching values and techniques.  You’ll be able to read more about Pen today when she guest posts.  YEAH!  Penny prepared a fun Number Hunt with her girls that will be showing up here right after this post.  I can’t wait.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my girls.  This blog would not function without you!!!



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