Kids Books about Butterflies

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies. How to grow butterflies. Butterfly crafts.  Butterfly exhibits. Of course I was going to make sure we had plenty of butterfly kids books around! I went to the library (like always) but if you use the links below to purchase these books it will be supporting A Mom with a Lesson Plan. So thanks!

4 butterfly storybooks + 4 non-fiction butterfly books for kids

Kids Story Books about Butterflies

Becoming Butterflies by Anne Rockwell Pictures by Megan Halsey. In this kid’s book a roomful of students set up a growing station for caterpillars. The author and illustrator cover the entire butterfly life cycle as the kids in the class experience what is happening.

Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story by Elisa Kleven. The Glasswing butterfly is so beautiful and magical. I had no idea they even existed until reading this book. The bright colorful pictures and the sweet story of an invisible butterfly who loses her family are so fun, but it was the real life picture and description at the front of the book that got my attention.

Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison and Kevin Hawkes. A favorite around here. We found this book at the library last year and Little M carried it around for weeks. We checked it out again this year and fell in love all over again. Velma is the youngest in a family of girls. Her sisters are both great at something and the book goes through Velma’s search to find her “thing”. Can you guess what her “thing” might be?

Wings of Light: The Migration of the Yellow Butterfly by Stephen R. Swinburne and illustrated by Bruce Hiscock. This fun story follows a yellow butterfly with a notch in it’s wing as it migrates from a rain forest in the Yucatan Peninsula to southern Vermont.

4 Non-Fiction Butterfly Kids Books + 4 Butterfly Storybooks for kids

Kids Non Fiction Books about Butterflies

The non fiction butterfly books that I checked out were all pretty much the same. They have big bright pictures. They talk about the butterfly life cycle, predictors and migration. These four were the ones I liked the best but you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in any of the non fiction butterfly books for kids.

Butterflies (Blastoff! Readers: World of Insects) by Martha E. H. Rustad
Butterfly (Watch Me Grow)
Butterflies (Insects) by Julie Murray
Butterflies (Under the Microscope: Backyard Bugs) by Suzanne Slade

There is a great discussion happening over at 20 Mom’s parenting group on Facebook about reading to kids who don’t sit still for story time. Have you joined? Its free and super fun!

Do you have a favorite butterfly book? 

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