let’s celebrate with a BLOGIVERSARY link party!

 I am so excited about today! I am celebrating one year of blogging. I really wanted to have a beautifully written “why I blog” post to proceed this one, but life had other plans.  Make sure to come back tomorrow to read my Blog Story.  I will say that one of the very best parts of blogging has been the people I have “met” over this past year.

adding learning to our pretend play

Fashion Show 

 I really wanted this activity to be special.  When the water heater broke and needed to be replaced :(, we made the best of it and enjoyed the EXTRA large box that came with it :).  Once the kids had enjoyed a few days of open ended play, I decided it was time to create something fun.


I cut the cardboard so that it laid flat.  Then I propped up one side.  Little M immediately called that the “backstage” and started drawing characters.  I love watching her draw.  She usually has a fascinating story to tell while she works.


I drew circles coming down the stage to represent lights and at the end of the stage I made 5 stars.  Each meant to be a posing spot.  I made sure to add numbers for a little number recognition.


We set up the dress up clothes right next to the stage.  Buttons, snaps and ties are great fine motor practice… and they were perfect for adding just the right amount of creativity to our fashion show!


To add a little language to our fashion show I used construction paper to make challenge cards.  M and M took turns picking a card.  Then it was time to dress up according to the word on the card.


Once we had the stage set, it was time for some serious pretend play.  Daddy and I had a great time watching M and M strut their stuff.


Oh I almost forgot.  Big M played music for Little M as she walked the stage, and Little M sang a special song for Big M as he posed.

This was one fashion show I could watch again and again.


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    What a fun idea! We do dress-up play pretty much every single day at our house, but I Love your idea of using the challenge cards! (Perhaps we might even be something other than princesses or mommies! Wow!)

    Congrats on this wonderful milestone!

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    We are going to be exploring emotions this week. I will be using this post as inspiration! Congrats on reaching a year and looking forward to reading your blog story.

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    Not an old friend but Congratulations – I found you through the blog hop. I love how you included all the different areas of child development in your post.


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