Letter of the Week ~ F ~ Feathers

Letter of the week.

Are your ready for for some Fantastic, Fancy, Feather Fun?  It’s F week!

What you need: Letter F ~ Feathers ~ Glue ~ Construction paper

Feathers really are a lot of fun.  They are light, fluffy and soft.  This activity could not be more simple.  Set out the feathers, set out the glue, and sit back and watch.

The glue feathers activity didn’t last very long.  Big M started blowing the feathers around. I grabbed a few different sized feathers, and the kid table.  It turned into a wild game of Feather Racing.  I wish I had a picture, but I was too busy trying to win.

Questions (to ask your kids):  “Can you think of a word that starts with F?” Make the F sound.  If the word they give you starts with something other than F, let them know what it starts with.  “Good guess!  Bike starts with B.”  “Can you think of a word that describes how these Feathers feel?” Really focus on the letter F, exaggerate the sound.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1. There are a lot of F words, talk to your kids while they work.  I’ll bet you find many F’s just in a simple conversation.

This Letter of the Week post is a part of Letters series.

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