Letter of the week ~ H ~ Potato Stamping Hearts

I had hearts all cut out and ready to glue onto our letter H, but then I came across an activity that I just knew would be perfect.  I know it’s only been a week since I shared one of my favorite Tinkerlab activities, but she is just so FABULOUS I can’t help myself!   I suspect her N is a lot like Little M when it comes to art, it’s lucky for them that their Mommies care so much about the process and not so much about the product.

what you need:  Letter H ~ construction paper ~ potato ~ knife ~ tempera paint

This picture is terrible, sorry, the clouds were not working with me!  Once I had the Letter H glued to the construction paper, I carved a heart into a potato.  I started by cutting the potato in half and then worked the shape in.  I made sure to go pretty deep into the potato, the sides of the heart were about 1/2 an inch tall.

I spread a thin layer of paint onto a piece of cardboard (an old cereal box), and handed Big M a paint brush.  I told him he could use it, or figure out another way to get the paint onto the heart.

That’s it!  Stop here to find activities to pair with your letter of the week.

The H Hopscotch will be a fun way to add movement to H week!



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