Letter of the Week ~ Letter T ~ Tracks

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the Letter T. . .painting Tracks.  Remember this track painting we did in February?  Teachpreschool has a great post on track painting.  I wanted to make sure the tracks were extra special for the Letter T.

what you need: Letter T ~ construction paper ~ trucks ~ paint ~ trays

Prep the Letter T by printing it out, cutting it and gluing it to construction paper.

Roll the truck through the paint.

Drive the truck around the T.

Use all of the different vehicles.

Tips (to maximize learning):  1. Try putting two colors together so that they mix as your little one paints.  2. There are a lot of T’s when it comes to transportation. . .be creative.  3.  Talk about the size and texture of the tracks.  What is different?  What is the same?

Catch the Letters you’ve missed here.  Do you have any creative twists on track painting?

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