Letter of the Week ~ Letter V ~ Vegetable Stamping

I’ll admit the Letter V had me stumped. (And so close to the end of our Letter of the Week series!) Finally last week the perfect Letter V activity came to me… vegetable stamping. So I raided the fridge, brought out some paper and we got stamping.

Letter of the week ~ Letter V ~ Vegetable stamping

Letter of the Week ~ Letter V ~ Vegetable Stamping

What you need: Beets, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, red peppers and easel paper.

I wanted this to be a full veggie experience, so we used beets instead of paint. To make the paint, blend up a beet. (We have a pretty serious blender so I did it raw, but cooking it first will make it softer if you’re worried about what your blender can handle).

Letter of the week ~ Letter V ~ Vegetable stamping

I offered a variety of vegetables cut into interesting shapes. The beet paint ended up a really neat consistency.

While the kids painted we had fun thinking of as many Letter V words as we could. It’s not as easy as you would think… but once we got going the list grew quickly.

*** Note about beets… I was really worried about the beet juice staining. It came off the table, chairs and hands easily. It left a faint mark on the cement. I wish I would have moved the table to the grass, then there would have been no stain left at all. I am pretty sure it would NOT have come off clothes. ***


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