Letter of the Week ~ Letter P ~ Picture game

Letter P (5)p

I love drawing games... don't you?  When I saw this super easy drawing picture game (Letter Sounds Pictionary) from Childhood Beckons I knew it would become a family favorite.   Letter P was about to take center stage.  Perfect!  Set-up was a breeze.  I grabbed crayons and paper.  (Although chalk or drawing boards would work too.) I told M and M to think of P words but not to say them out loud.  (The second part of this step was trickier than you might think. ;) ) Big M went first and drew pizza.  Nicely done! Little M had a little trouble (I think).  She is actually a wiz at letter sounds so I didn't make any accommodations for her. Continue Reading

Letter of the Week – Letter O – Octopus Hot Dog

Octopus Hot Dogs (6)p

I have been making Octopus Hot Dogs for M and M for a long time.  They are so easy to make, so much fun and of course the perfect way to celebrate the Letter O! Grab some some hot dogs and get ready to impress your kid with an Octopus Hot Dog! Cut the hot dog in half.  You can use a whole hot dog, but I think they are cuter this way. :) Cut the octopus arms (I Googled it, they are arms not legs or tentacles... interesting).  Just start at the middle and cut down.  Turn the hot dog and repeat.  This should give you 4 arms. Since an Octopus Hot Dog needs 8 arms you'll have to cut all of the arms in half.  Then use a toothpick to add Continue Reading

Letter of the week ~ Letter N ~ Catching N Words

Letter N (3) p w

I'm back and oh boy did I miss my little bloggy blog.  Of course I wasn't really gone, just working on a little behind the scenes project.   I hope you enjoyed the week of guest posts, I know I did.  Another really, really big thanks to Kim at Little Stories, Kristina at Toddler Approved, Jamie at Hands On: As We Grow, Ali at At Home With Ali, Trisha at Inspiration Laboratories, my Mom and Big M.  You showed up with such awesome posts it made stepping back a bit easier.  I was able to accomplish some big stuff.  THANK YOU!!! Now for the letter of the week... The Letter N was so much fun.   I knew right away how I wanted to celebrate N Continue Reading

Letter of the Week ~ Letter Activities ~A – M

letter e activities

Before we move on to the Letter N, I thought it might be a good idea to look back over the letters we have already covered.  Here are the letter art projects along with the letter activities we did to work on letter sounds and letter recognition. Click on the picture to see the post. Letter A Letter B Letter C Letter D Letter E Letter F Letter G Letter H Letter I Letter J Letter K Letter L Letter M Stay tuned for more letter activities N - Z! Continue Reading

Letter of the week ~ Letter M ~ M Box

M Box p

The letter of the week is M, and you know we love the letter M around here. ;)  This Letter Box activity can be done with any letter, you might even choose to make it a permanent companion to all of the letter of the week activities. what you need: a box ~ a small piece of paper ~ tape ~ marker ~ items all starting with the same letter Have you read the series by Jane Belk Moncure?  Each letter of the alphabet gets its own book.  A character, “Little M” in this case, collects items starting with that letter and fills his box.  You can read more about the series here.  We started by reading My “m” Book.  I pulled out the perfect box and Continue Reading

Letter of the Week ~ Letter K ~ Kick Jug

k for kick jug

I saw this great Kicking Jug activity from Monkey Toes Montessori and just knew I had to figure out how to squeeze it into one of my Lesson Plans.  Well it's Letter K week so... PERFECT! An old milk jug (rinsed out and air dried) worked great for this fun Letter K activity.  I drew K pictures and wrote K words next to the pictures. M and M filled the jug with gems and rocks. With every KICK I requested a K word. Little M took a peak a couple of times. This activity was a perfect inside game for Little M... but Big M needed a little bit more room! I just love learning mixed with movement.  Letter K for Kick Jug combined both Continue Reading