like I’m going somewhere

A couple of months ago I made a decision that has changed my life… okay so it hasn’t really changed my life but it has certainly changed the way I look in my life!

Like most stay at home moms, my day consists of playing on the floor, scrubbing toilets, cooking and all sorts of other cozy clothes type activities. But that is not it, of course! I’m also running in and out of schools, shopping and even hitting the library once in a while (you thought I was going to say gym didn’t you? ;))

Most of the adult people I see only see me for a minute or two, which makes dressing up for them seem silly. Except it’s not silly… not silly at all.

So the decision I made was to start dressing like “I’m going somewhere” everyday. I didn’t go out and buy a bunch of new clothes. You won’t find any of my outfits floating around pinterest. I wasn’t going for best dressed, I just want to feel good and presentable.

I dug through what I already had, grabbed a new pair of super comfy wedge heels, started adding a necklace here and there,

squirted a little perfume

and even carry lipstick (ohs and ahhs). The new hair cut helped too. 😉

 I hardly notice the extra time it takes and the reward is a confident, happy Momma who can go from building Legos to lunch with Daddy feeling like I fit perfectly in both places!

What extras do you use to add a little pep to your step?



    • says

      Me too! I have about 2 hours a week that EVERYONE is gone. I do computer work then and have started soaking my feet. (Although it’s only actually happened twice… I’m trying. 😉 )

  1. says

    I too make it a goal to “get dressed” each day. The thing that makes me feel presentable is wearing pretty earrings. It makes a difference because it makes me feel ready to face the day, plus it is ADORABLE, when I wear a skirt or a pretty outfit, my four year old son will say, “Mama, I like your pretty clothes. You look beautiful.” ::swoon::

  2. Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam says

    That’s awesome to treat yourself to properly getting ready each day. Since I turned 35, I have realized I need to add a few more steps to my daily routine like actually putting on a bit of make up. I know 35 isn’t old but my skin isn’t what it used to be. I haven’t started yet because I just need to go buy some new makeup since the old stuff is over 4 years old. Having lived in NYC before, it is entrenched in me to NEVER wear sneakers unless you are exercising, so at least I have that going for me. 😉

  3. says

    This great! I often LOOK like I’m going to the gym, but alas, that is my “I just need to be comfortable because I’m wearing the baby and dragging the toddler along with me.” But you are so right, getting dressed like you’re “going to work” (which we are!) helps me feel much more productive. And a new haircut really does help. :) Sharing on FB.

  4. says

    I need to get back into this – I was doing really well this time last year despite being 34 weeks pregnant – every day I would put on a little tinted moisturiser, some mascara and lip gloss, my finger nails and toe nails were painted once a week… then I had T and I haven’t got back into it – she turns one in 3 weeks and I turn 34 the day before – this should be my new birthyear resolution. PS. Love the shoes as well could so wear them when the weather warms up

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      The first year with a baby is blur of spit up, diapers and sleepless nights. Now that your little will be getting ready to move… it’s a good time to primp yourself a bit! Happy Birthday!

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