Mommy Fun Fact #6 ~ process over product

#6 process wins over product every time

The difference between adults and kids is that while our goal is a neat, tidy and pretty finished piece; their goal is to experience the activity to its fullest.  So bite your tongue when the perfect painting of a red and blue flower is suddenly covered with a dark brown blob.  If you can find it in yourself to let go of your idea of a finished masterpiece, you might just discover a great time to add a little child directed lesson on color mixing.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to snap a perfect example for this one.  Little M likes to paint every inch of every piece of paper she uses, front and back.  Today we were stamping the letter C, and she had the most beautiful circles surrounding her C.

Not even 3 minutes went by after I took that picture and she had turned it into this:
I knew it would happen, it does every time, and yet I still had to pause for a brief moment.  Should I stop her so this letter C can hang neatly next to the bubbled B and the dot dog D?  What would be so wrong with telling her it’s time to stop?  When she finished, held up her paper and smiled proudly. . . I knew the answer.  She met the letter C the best way she could; smothering, feeling, and experiencing it completely.

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  1. says

    So true! It’s all about the process for us, too. I don’t even try to make it about the product. If I do, it will be my piece of art, not my child’s. And it’s so much fun to see where they can take their own ideas. We’ll never know what our children are capable of and how far their minds can stretch if we don’t encourage them to find their own way.

  2. Sarah says

    What an INCREDIBLE reminder of what our priorities should be when working with little ones! The funny thing is, I used to teach, and now am a stay-at-home Mom. As a teacher, it was easy for me to focus on the process of creativity, rather than the end product. But, for some reason, it’s WAY more difficult for me to do as a parent! This is a humbling reminder… Thank You ; )


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