More on the GIVEAWAY and a special GUEST

What do paint, paper, food coloring, droppers, gelatin, and clothespins have in common?

They are all included in the package waiting to be sent to the winner of the GIVEAWAY.  Of course, those few items are not the only things the winner will receive.  The lucky winner will have everything needed to complete an entire lesson plan, just pull it out of the box and teach!

The theme of this giveaway is COLORS and I am ready to give you a little taste of what you can expect from my Colors lesson plan.  Colors week will reveal 4 lessons all relating to colors.  There will be a math, a language, an art and a science activity.  You can expect to see these projects show up starting on February 14, plenty of time for the winner to receive their special package!

You might remember that I asked for pictures of your process?  Well one reader got right on it, thank you Katelyn.  I love the pictures, and can’t wait to see more.
Here is Jase, enjoying Reverse Fingerpainting.  Katelyn wrote, “It was soo fun! (And so cool to just whip up our own finger paint)  Jase had a great time and so did I!”

Look at Katelyn’s great set up!  I can’t wait to see that organized art cabinet.

So while your working on securing yourself a few entries in the giveaway, snap a few photos and send them my way.  I want to put together a reader collage.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!?!



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