MOTHER’S DAY gift. . .handmade stamp prints

Around here the Mommies are all very crafty!  My Mother in Law knits, paints and makes jewelry.  I knew her Mother’s Day gift would have to be something home made.  I also wanted it to really capture the artistic level of M and M.  (Trust me everyone in the family has a hand-printed something, so this time I wanted it to be a creation!)

I was inspired by Tinkerlab, because I’m always inspired by Tinkerlab.  This particular project involved printmaking, Abstract Recycled Prints.  I didn’t follow their process because I didn’t read the post and bought completely different materials.  I wonder where Little M get it!  Lucky you, now you have two brand new techniques to play around with.

what you need: large foam sheet 1/4 inch thick ~ mini canvas ~ mini easel ~ tempera paint ~ paint brushes ~ scissors ~ plate or tray ~ ballpoint pen ~ extra paper

I cut the foam into pieces the same size as the canvas.  I asked Little M to draw a picture on one piece of foam.  Since we were making a stamp we needed deep etching, Little M just could not get the marks deep enough.  (Had I read Tinkerlabs post I would have gotten meat trays like she did.)

I went over her drawing with a pen, making deep impressions.  (It definitely worked but next time I think I’ll try to get my hands on some meat trays so that I don’t have to get my hands on her art!)

Little M picked purple paint.  I had her paint the bottom of a tray with a thick layer of paint.

She pressed the stamp into the paint.

She pressed the stamp onto the paper 3 times.  I asked which stamp print she liked the best.  She choose the middle one, so after she added paint to her stamp I had her press one more on the extra paper.  Then onto the canvas.

Big M drew a car and trailer for his stamp print.

I can’t wait for Mother’s Day!!!  Nana is going to love it!

Did you see the Mother’s Day Cards we made?  Tomorrow I will show you how to make Homemade Wrapping Paper and Tissue Paper Flowers.

This post is a part of the Mother’s day lesson plan.

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