one tiny little mistake regarding the giveaway

Hello friends!  I have made a mistake.  A small one, I hope.  As I tell my kids quite often… I am not perfect (even though I would prefer everyone keep thinking I am. ;) )

When I set up the rules for the giveaway I did not account for the fact that some of my subscribers may not even know about the giveaway.  The first two winners have not responded to my email.  YIKES!  So what do I do now?  I did not set a date that winners would need to contact me.  So I will have to set one now!

Winners ~ (I will contact you by email one more time.)  You have until Friday February 10, 2012 to claim your prize.  Otherwise I will pick 2 new winners.

In case you missed the follow up post… I opened the giveaway to NON USA subscribers too… the prize will just be a little different.

So sorry for the trouble.  I’ll let you know who the lucky winners are as soon as I can!

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