DIY Lego Challenge Games – Perfect Time Filler

Creating LEGO Challenge Games - easy boardem buster

Carolyn from The Pleasantest Thing is here today talking about something I know we all love. Lego activities for kids! Along with really great Lego ideas Carolyn shares wonderful playful learning ideas. Make sure to check out her site.   I'm excited to be posting here! LEGO activities are a favorite at my house, and I love all the LEGO ideas Jillian shares! LEGO challenge games are one of our favorite boredom busters. They are require very little setup and they are always a hit with my kids. You can get copies of my free LEGO challenge printables to use in the game, but it's also easy to make your own. You can just write them down on Continue Reading

Flashlight Games and Activities the Whole Family Will Love

Flashlight games and activites - love this list! # 5 sounds so fun

This post is brought to you by EVEREADY®. Summer break has barely started here (we're less than a week in) and we've already had a couple of late nights out back. M and M love bringing out flashlights when the sun goes down. I wanted to add to the flashlight fun so I went in search of some flashlight games and flashlight activities. What I found makes me want to stock up on flashlights (and batteries of course). EVEREADY® flashlights or EVEREADY® Gold® batteries are affordable enough to buy extra's. These activities will be great for backyard play after dark AND cool inside days when it's too hot to go out. Fun Flashlight Games Continue Reading

DIY Backyard Explorer Kit- Outdoor Pretend Play Idea

dress up

There’s no reason our awesome pretend play ideas have to stay inside! Big M and Little M love to make up their own pretend play scenarios outdoors. I think the extra space the outdoors provides allows for imaginative play. Once in a while I like to add in a few props because... well I just like to! Hee hee. Check out this LITTLE Backyard Explorer pretend play from At Home With Ali. I love the amount of sensory play she's included. DIY Backyard Explorer Kit- Outdoor Pretend Play Idea Paper Bag Explorer Vest Our paper bag Explorer Vests turned out so cute. (I wish I could make one to fit me!) To make one for your kids, cut a paper Continue Reading

Cornstarch, Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment (with a twist)

baking soda and vinegar... awesome way to play with baking soda

Before all of the big kids were out for summer break, I got to spend one more special day with my niece J. I wanted our one on one time to be extra fun so I dug into my new copy of 101 Kids Activities (affiliate link) and quickly picked an activity I knew she would love. I told my sister to pack extra clothes... this was going to get messy. Prepping for the Cornstarch, Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment Ingredients you need: Baking Soda (2 lb box) - $2.93,  Corn Starch (16 oz) - $0.98, White Vinegar (32 oz) - $1.oo = $4.91 (awesome right?!?) Optional addition: Food Coloring  Materials: Bowls, spoons, measuring cups, water, paintbrushes Continue Reading

Parenting Kids with BIG Personalities … a Visual Tool

great visual tool for parenting kids with big personalities

We have a very sweet little girl with a very BIG personality. She is 7. She is also confident, she reads people unbelievably well (and has since she was a baby), she easily draws in attention and she has an amazing gift for storytelling. All of these things about her personality make her an amazing person to know. Just like any personality trait, these can be both positive and negative. Think about it. Any positive thing you can say about a person can easily be switched to a negative. "She's so nice" can easily become "she's a pushover". "He's smart" might also be "he's a know it all". And any negative thing could be flipped as well, Continue Reading

How Daily Routines are Getting us Back to Healthy

The importance of daily routines

I have a confession... and this one is pretty hard to admit. If you've been around here before, you know I like having a plan and a good routine. It's how I function best. It wasn't too long ago that I realized I've been avoiding some pretty serious daily routines. I let them slip to the back of my mind until I had no choice but to pay attention. It started with a terrible dentist appointment for one of the kids. It wasn't just the unexpected dental work that slapped me in the face... it was the realization that I was almost standing in the way of good dental health. What?!?! We've always brushed our teeth (of course) but it wasn't Continue Reading

14 Super Cool Things to do with Crayons


When you think of crayons do you automatically want to grab a coloring book? Crayons always remind me of coloring with my sisters. Of course crayons are wonderful for coloring but that is not all they can be used for! These creative parents have come up with some really neat things to do with crayons. 14 Super Cool Things to do with Crayons Crayon Stained Glass - Nessa Dee Art Melting Crayon Art on Canvas Water Color Resist  - The Artful Parent Window Roadway - No Time for Flash Cards Crayon Monograms - A Mom with a Lesson Plan Sight Word Crayon Rubbing - Sugar Aunts Sun Upcycled Crayons - Mama Smiles Sun Melting Continue Reading