Easy Savings Plan for Kids (with Incentive)

easy savings plan for kids

This post is sponsored by Regions.com. I've been thinking a lot about the kids and money lately. For a few years we've used a sticker chore chart system that has worked wonderfully for Big M. He's 9 now and we want him to take on more family responsibilities. We also want to increase the amount of money he's able to earn. With the move approaching it wasn't the right time for any big changes. Now that we are in the house, I'm ready to sit down and make some plans. The timing of this post could not have been more perfect. Regions.com sent me a great article with tips for teaching kids about money management. As soon as I read this savings Continue Reading

9 Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Last minute Halloween crafts for kids

I know what you're looking for! Super easy Halloween craft ideas for kids. Projects you have all the materials for already and won't take too long. Something you can do this weekend without making a huge mess (save that for the pumpkin carving) but will still be fun for everyone. A Halloween craft that might even leave you with an adorable Halloween decoration. Am I right? Lucky you! I have just the thing. These 9 Halloween craft ideas are perfect for last minute crafting. This year Halloween falls on a Friday. YAY! That of course means no school the next day. We will still go trick or treating and have some fun sorting candy but that Continue Reading

Spooky Halloween Silhouette that Your Kid Can Make

spooky Halloween silhouettes the kids can make - LOVE THESE

Are Halloween decorations spread through your house too? M and M have been hard at work hanging ghosts, pumpkins and bats all over the walls. It's a good thing I love kid-made decorations so much! When Dollar Tree asked me to partner with them to share The Value Seekers Club, I immediately fell in love with the Halloween Silhouette idea I found there. (This post is sponsored and inspired by Dollar Tree.) The Value Seekers Club is a club full of crafts, recipes, décor and frugal fun idea that can all be created with Dollar Tree products. Since all Dollar Tree products cost only $1… the ideas they share are always a inexpensive to make. Continue Reading

Family Book Club Week 4: The Secret Garden

family book club week 4

We are halfway through The Secret Garden. Are you and your family enjoying the story? So many conversations about family and friendship have stemmed from the relationships in the book. I'm so glad we're reading it and I hope you are too! I would love to hear how the Family Book Club is working for you and your family. You can leave suggestions or ideas (or tell me how much you love it) in the comment section. You can also email me at [email protected] Reading Goal This week read chapters 13-16. The Secret Garden Discussion Questions and Activity Chapter 13 – Activity In the beginning of chapter 13 Mary decides Continue Reading

Easy Halloween Decorations the Kids Can Make

12 easy Halloween decorations. Great list!

The other day on the way home from school Big M had an idea for decorating his bedroom door. He dropped his backpack and ran to the art cabinet for some paper, scissors and tape. I love when the kids get creative with art projects. I had no part in the creating, in fact he was done before I even had a chance to snap a few pictures. I do know he used orange and green construction paper, a black crayon, some tape and a piece of ribbon. Such an easy Halloween decoration to make with such a cute result. Of course I don't want to leave all the decoration planning to the kids! I want to have some fun too. I've rounded up some really fun Continue Reading

Family Book Club Week 3: The Secret Garden

Family Book Club - Week 3

I'm scrambling to get this post written this morning. I seriously underestimated the time unpacking and organizing take when you move. Silly me.  I would love to hear how the Family Book Club is working for you and your family. You can leave suggestions or ideas (or tell me how much you love it) in the comment section. You can also email me at [email protected]  Reading Goal This week read chapters 9-12. Secret Garden Discussion Questions and Activity Chapter 9 – Discussion Questions After reading chapter 9, make predictions about what will happen if someone finds out Mary has been in the garden. Do you think anyone Continue Reading

5 Favorite Educational Activities Kids Can Complete With A Camera 


Please welcome Beryl Ayn Young. I've known about Beryl for quite a while. She writes about photography in a way that is so easy to understand. She makes me feel like I can actually take amazing pictures! Today she's sharing some of her favorite educational activities for kids using photography. (You are going to love this just as much as I do!) Enjoy.  They sat in groups together, paper and pencil in hand, brainstorming the shots for their next set of photos. They spoke in enthusiastic bursts, and their loud voices were not an indicator of misbehavior, but of kids expressing their creative energy in full force. Photography club was in Continue Reading