20 Things to do in Spring with Kids

things to do in spring

Spring is in full swing around here.  Where we live the weather is nice just about all year, but in the spring we basically live outside. Here is a list of the top 20 ways we enjoy spring. 20 Things to do in Spring with Kids Take lunch (breakfast or dinner) outside.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Just throw down a blanket and plop down the lunch you've already made! Set up camp in the backyard.  It's fun and close to the bathroom. ;) Watch the trees.  This one is full of bees at the moment.  They are hard at work and so interesting to watch.  While we were laying there we also saw 3 different types of birds and a carpenter Continue Reading

5 Spy Activities for Kids who Love to Play Spy

fun spy activities for kids! This will be great for spring break!

We've been talking a lot about spies this week. Our Spy Party for Little M was so much fun and I just know we haven't seen the last of the spy activities for kids around here. I've collect a few easy activities that will be perfect for a lazy weekend or when the kids are on a break from school. 5 Spy Activities for Kids who Love to Play Spy Spy Glasses. Every super sleuth needs eyes in the back of their head. Make some DIY spy sunglasses, like these from Education.com, and no one will be able to sneak up on your spy again! Invisible Ink. Invisible ink is really cool. Teach Preschool makes playing with invisible messages easy (and Continue Reading

Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack – 80+ Summer Ideas for Kids

Looking for a one stop spot for summer activities? This is it!!!

Summer is quickly approaching and it's time to start getting ready for some summer fun!!! The weather is warm, the days are long and the kids are.... home. For long periods of time. With NOTHING to do. That could be a problem... but I have the answer!!! Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack. Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack is full of summer ideas for kids. Just like anything else you would expect to find here on A Mom with a Lesson Plan, this pack contains simple ideas that everyone can do. Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack includes: ~ Printable pages for summer planning. ~ Four Fun Summer Themes with over 80 Simple and FUN Activity Continue Reading

More Spy Party Games – The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags – Part 2

spy party games part 2 -- the case of the missing goodie bag

As promised here is the second half of our spy party. Check out part one of The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags and our secret message spy party invitations. Now let's get down to business and finish this really fun and really easy spy party... shall we? At this point the kids have been through the laser maze and hit the target at the shooting gallery. More on that here --> Spy Party Games Part 1. They collected a clue at each station and now it's time to head over to the sensory box for some very serious investigating. The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags – Spy Party Games - Part 2 We had everyone sit down together and let them know Continue Reading

20 Playful Learning Easter Activities for Kids

Easter activities for kids - art, math, science, movement, reading, sensory

Originally appeared on March 12, 2013. Looking for some Easter Activities for kids that will keep you playfully learning this spring? I thought you might be. Here are twenty fun (and of course easy) Easter activities. Plenty to keep your little one busy until the bunny shows up with his basket of goodies! Easter Activities for Kids ... Art Water Color Easter Eggs Painting Eggs Origami for kids: Origami Rabbits from Tinkerlab Easter Egg Spin Art Garland from The Imagination Tree Easter Activities for Kids ... Math Easter Egg Number Jelly Bean Fun from Lasso the Moon Cheep Cheep Farm from Nurture Store Easter Activities Continue Reading

5 Educational Shows for Kids that Let Me Feel Good About TV


Screen time is a pretty sensitive topic, even around here where we have a good screen time routine set up. There are days that I just have to let the kids watch TV for longer periods than normal and I can't let myself feel guilty about it. Keeping a few things in perspective helps; we don't have these days very often, I really do use that time effectively and I offer educational shows. That last one works best if they actually like the educational kids' shows. ;) With that in mind I've rounded up 5 educational shows for kids that will give you the Mommy break you need... guilt free! YAY! Educational Shows for Younger Kids Monster Math Continue Reading

Spy Party Games – The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags

Spy Party Game #1 -- Laser Maze (and collect a clue)

When Hubby and I sat down to start planning spy party games for Little M we had two things in mind. We wanted the party to be really, really cool! We also wanted it to be simple. We didn't want to spend a ton of money and neither one of us has a lot of extra time. This spy party was just going to have to come together quickly (and on the cheap side) there was no way around it. The spy party invitations had already gone out and we knew this party called for a secret spy mission. After a little brainstorming we came up with the perfect plan... The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags - Spy Party Games I'll take you through the case and share Continue Reading