Family Book Club Week 1: A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

Family book club week 1 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

I have been eating up the response to our first Family Book Club. This series was a dream of mine and I could not be happier that so many of you found it as fun as we did. I loved the emails and comments I received. (Keep them coming! You can comment on this post or send me a private email at [email protected]) For the second Family Book Club we're reading A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time. This is an affiliate link but as always, I recommend you try your local library first. Every week I will post a new reading assignment along with some discussion questions or activities that match what we've been reading. If you need help Continue Reading

Letter D Activity: Dogs from Dots

D for dot dogs p

I planned this Letter D activity without having any idea of how it would work out (not the wisest choice, I might add). In then end the goal was accomplished; Little M and her cousin TL had fun, talked about the Letter D, and even played around with the D sound. I think we can call Dogs from Dots a success! Letter D Activities: Dogs from Dots What you need: Letter D, stamp pad, construction paper, colored pencils. I used white on white for the Letter D, it is kind of hard to see in the photo but it looked really cool in person.  Once the D was ready I gave the kids the stamp pad and had them stamp Dots all over their D.  I gave Little Continue Reading

25 Printable Christmas Jokes for Kids

25 Christmas Jokes for Kids. How fun!

The printable jokes for kids that I've been creating for the past few months have been a huge hit around here! Little M even asked me to stop sending the knock, knock jokes for a few days because the other kids were begging to hear them. (I guess she got tired of the extra attention... funny.) How has your family liked them? How to use These Christmas Jokes for Kids There are a few fun ways to use these printable Christmas Jokes. Choose one of these or come up with your own way to use them. Share your idea in the comments! Put the jokes into the kids' lunch boxes. (That's what I do with all of our jokes for kids.) Have the Elf on the Continue Reading

5 Screen Free Sick Day Activities

5 non screen sick day activities (I love #2)

When M and M are home sick, it's tempting to turn the day into a screen time free for all. By the end of the day (or days) everyone is worse for it. I feel guilty, the kids have become zombies and we have to work extra hard to get back to our limited screen time routine. We've been pretty lucky so far this cold season, we've only had a few small sniffles. I'm sure our time will come since school age kids get around ten colds a year. And when it does happen I want to be prepared. With a good plan in place it will be easier to cut screen time down and make sure the kids are have a fun while they rest. Today I've teamed up with Dr. Cocoa™ Continue Reading

Letter C Activity: Stamping Circles

Letter C Activity Stamping Circles with Corks

Today's letter of the week is the Letter C. Do you have any corks lying around? For this letter C activity, corks make the perfect circle stamps. They are even easy to hold! C is an interesting letter, it has so many sounds.  It can mimic other letter sounds as well, have fun talking about C words while you're stamping the letter C. Letter C Activity: Stamping Circles What you need: Letter C, corks, paint, circle object (lids, juice containers, the inside of old tape dispensers.) Corks are pretty easy to come by, (especially if you drink wine) but if you don’t have any you can find them at the craft store for a couple of dollars. Continue Reading

10 MORE Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

10 great stocking stuffers ideas for kids! Love this list.

Last year the Fun and Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas I shared went crazy! I guess I'm not the only parent who wants to make sure the stockings are stuffed with goodies that will actually get used. If you haven't seen that post, make sure to check it out (read the comments too, there is a lot of great stuff there as well). This year I needed to make a new list of stocking stuffer ideas for my kids and of course you know I love to share! Writing this post was so much fun, I can't wait to run these ideas by Hubby and get busy ordering. The links I've used are affilate links. (Thanks for supporting A Mom with a Lesson Plan.) Stocking Continue Reading

Family Book Club Week 6: The Secret Garden Wrap Up

Create a secret garden - Family Book Club week 6

Can you believe we are already on the final week of our first edition of the Family Book Club? I've had so much fun with this series. The emails and comments have let me know that you have enjoyed it too! The feedback has helped drive the series and because of it, I've decided to go for round two of the Family Book Club. You will find the next selection at the bottom of this post. For now, let's finish up The Secret Garden. Reading Goal This week read chapters 21-24. The Secret Garden Discussion Questions and Activities Chapter 21 Discussion Question The title of Chapter 21 is Someone Else in the Garden. Think back to early on in the Continue Reading