15 Healthy Habits for Raising Healthy Kids

Healthy habits make for healthy kids -- 5 creative and healthy lunch box ideas

There are a lot of things I want for my kids. I want them to be creative, I want them to be happy, I want them to be kind. I also want them to be healthy. And raising healthy kids starts with forming healthy habits. Today I'm teaming up with Real California Milk to share a new initiative called Fuel Up to Play 60. This national campaign promotes physical activity and good nutrition in schools. YAY!!! Anytime parents and schools can join forces for the good of our kids it's a win for everyone! I've rounded up a list of healthy school lunches, activities to get kids moving and ideas for how to build confidence. Let's work together to form Continue Reading

Flipping the Switch: How to Turn a Bad Day Around

the best way to turn around a terrible day

It was one of those days. The kids were doing everything possible to make me crazy. They were breaking just about every rule. Pushing every single limit. Bickering with each other non stop. If something didn't change I was going to loose it. I'd been in this negative cycle before and I knew just what needed to happen. I knew how to turn this bad day around. I knew who needed a good attitude adjustment.... ME! At that moment I didn't really feel like admitting it... but the problem with this day wasn't the little people I was so happy to blame. The problem was me. I was nagging and criticizing and nit picking every little thing (if I were a Continue Reading

Letter L Activity: Lacing

Letter L Activity Lacing

Can you believe we are almost half way through the letter of the week activities? This Letter L activity is really fun, not at all messy and can be used again and again. YAY! Of course we can get back to messy next week with the Letter M activity. Letter L Activity: Lacing What you need: Letter L, construction paper, glue, paint, a hole punch, yarn and pipe cleaner. To prepare the Letter L Activity; print out the Letter L, glue it on a piece of construction paper and wait for the glue to dry. Once it's dry, cut the letter out leaving a boarder of construction paper. Punch holes about 1 inch apart all the way around the Letter L. Cut Continue Reading

Poetry Writing for Kids: 3 Fun Poems for Kids to Write

poetry writing for kids fb link pic

Little M has been very interested in writing poetry lately. She's always loved writing activities but this is the first time poetry has made a real appearance. It's so fun to see her creating poem after poem. For today's activity I'm teaming up with Pepperidge Farm to bring together two of Little M's favorite things: Goldfish® Crackers and poetry writing for kids. YAY! So grab a snack, some paper, a pencil and a little poet. Pepperidge Farm has been creating "The Little Moments. Big Smiles." with their Goldfish Tales website. Fans of Goldfish crackers are given the opportunity to read the latest tale, find details regarding the Continue Reading

Ultimate Summer Break Resource for Parents

ultimate summer break resource! Stuff for planning, activities, book and game ideas

Summer break!!! YAY! You're ready for all that fun in the sun, all those lazy days and all of that together time... aren't you? Just in case the thought of 3 long months at home has you a little overwhelmed, I've put together the ULTIMATE summer break resource... just for you! By the time you reach the end you'll be stocked up with plenty of summer planning ideas, tons of summer activities, loads of books to read and even a huge selection of games to play. Who could ask for anything more? Summer Break Planning Ideas Being prepared is the first step to making summer break memorable. Whether you are looking for a big picture bucket Continue Reading

Soaking up Color: Paper Towel & Food Coloring Experiment


Playing with color is a lot of fun. We have enjoyed playing with color and color mixing since the kids were really little. And I think this food coloring experiment might just be the most fun color activity we've done. Little M loves soaking up color with napkins and paper towels. I'm always finding colorful "clean up" rags when I pick up the aftermath of a messy activity. For the longest time I've wondered what would happen if we made a dedicated activity out of it. When Bounty asked me to help celebrate 50 years of being America’s favorite paper towel, I knew it was time to get out the food color and the Bounty paper towels! Paper Continue Reading

Letter K Activity: Key Press


For this letter of the week activity you will need to dig out some old keys. I was able to ask around and find friends willing to donate keys from their junk drawers (just in case you don't already have extras). After you've finished this Letter K activity you might want to check out some of the other fun key activities I shared in week 2 of the Family Book Club: The Secret Garden. Letter K Activity: Key Press What you need: Letter K, construction paper, glue, paint, a paper plate and keys. To prepare the Letter K Activity; print out the Letter K, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word Key on the bottom of the Continue Reading