How to be Brave: 4 tips for Taking that First Step

Brave quote and tips for taking the first step

This post is sponsored by Lorna Jane.  Sometimes the hardest part of trying something new is taking the first step. The first commitment that moves the dream of someday into a reality of today. It makes sense doesn't it? As long as it's just a dream it's still perfect. It's not hard or sticky or messy. As a dream there is no possibility for it to be less than what you've dreamed. I've taken quite a few first steps in the past 5 years. One of which is this blog. When I started it back in 2010 there were a few friends and family members following... but that was it. I knew nothing about blogging, was one of the last people to jump on the Continue Reading

16 Creative & Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

16 creative and easy summer crafts for kids l

One of my favorite things about summer is the amount of time we have to just hang out and be together. I love crafting and creating right along with the kids and I'm storing up ideas to add to our summer bucket list. There are more than a few summer crafts for kids on this list that I consider a must try! Summer Crafts for Kids to Play With I love crafts that kids can make and then play with. There is something wonderful about playing with something you have created. It makes play extra special. DIY Parachutes - Fave Crafts Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets - One Little Project Monster Finger Puppets - Seven Thirty Three Pool Noodle Continue Reading

Hopscotch Addition: Combining Math and Movement

Hopscotch addition

Little M and I were lying around chatting this weekend when we decided it was time to get moving. She wanted to play hopscotch and I thought it would be the perfect time to throw in a math activity. Her first grade class has spent quite a bit of time working on addition and she loves every minute of it. Memorizing math facts is great BUT kids also need to understand how these facts come together. Our little math and movement game forces kids to think about every step of the equation... in a really fun way. Hopscotch and math come together easily on their own. Throw in these tips and it becomes the ultimate addition practice Continue Reading

Summer Bucket List Ideas … and Bucket

Summer bucket list ideas plus a super cute DIY summer bucket list BUCKET! So fun!

Well the time has come.  IT'S SUMMER! We have been all about planning a summer schedule for kids that is both relaxing and productive. Now it's time to get our summer bucket list in order. I have to admit, the idea of a bucket list kind of creeps me out.  I don't  know why exactly.  Maybe because I prefer to think of things in terms of things I'd love to do. (Strong period there.)  Adding in the ... before I die, feels a little morbid. However, the idea of a summer bucket list gets me all excited.  Weird.  The first time I saw a diy summer bucket list bucket I jumped out of my seat.  What could I use as a bucket?  I started jotting down Continue Reading

How to Talk to Kids about Natural Disasters Near Them

Tips for talking to kids about natural disasters close to home

I'm not sure how far the news has spread, but Southern California has been ablaze this week. Fires are breaking out at a rapid rate, heavy winds and extreme heat are not helping. We are far enough away to be safe (I know some of you are in So Cal as well... hoping that you are safe too!) We are close enough to see the smoke and know people who are being evacuated. Fire talk is happening pretty much all the time. With all this chatter the kids are bound to have questions. (And if they aren't asking, you can bet the questions are brewing in their little brains.) Knowing what to say to kids about natural disasters close to home can be Continue Reading

Summer Break Sanity Savers

with framefff

Summer break is almost here! Big M just reminded me that they only have 4 weeks left of school! Wow this year went fast. While I'm filling our summer bucket list I'm also trying to enjoy the last few bits of my kid free work time. (Summer work time will be an entirely different ball game.) If you're like me (some of you have to be) having a summer schedule and some resources ready to go is HUGE for setting the tone. I want summer to fun, relaxing AND productive. Kicking it off that way will make all the difference. Summer Break Sanity Savers for...   Family There is no doubt about it. Summer break means more family time. Continue Reading

Summer Schedule for Kids and Summer Goal Sheet (with free printables)

summer planning

Wow, summer is creeping up on us. Before you know it we'll be knee deep in activities from our summer bucket list! This lesson planning mom needs to get ready so we can enjoy a relaxing, productive and of course FUN summer break. This year we'll be filling our summer with activities from our Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack (if you haven't checked it out yet make sure to click over... this weekend there is a special Memorial Day 20% discount with a special code). I want to make the most of every moment and the easiest way for me to do that is with a good summer schedule for me and the kids. I went ahead and made myself 2 goal sheets and 2 Continue Reading