Family Book Club GIVEAWAY

Family Book Club Giveaway

Welcome 2015!!! One of my favorite parts of last year was starting the Family Book Club, so of course it's one of the first things I want to get back to. In case you missed it, we read The Secret Garden first and then we read A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time. Our third Family Book Club will start up on January 17, 2015. We'll be reading Classic Starts™: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Classic Starts™ Series). The kids and I actually read this book last year and I can honestly say it might be one of my favorite books. It's packed with adventure and wonder. We can't wait to read it again. Will you join us this time? (This link is an affiliate Continue Reading

Positive Parenting Techniques that will Help you Love Parenthood

awseome list of postitive pareting techniques. #1 is life changing!

One of the greatest advantages I've had as a parent is that before having my own kids I loved learning about kids. When my kids were born I already had an incredible assortment of parenting tools ready to put into place because of my experience as a preschool teacher. Of course as the kids have grown I've learned more, not only about kids in general but also about my kids specific personalities and strengths. Parenting can be challenging and some days are really, really hard... but I love being a parent. Part of that love comes from the confidence that I can figure out whatever challenge comes along. I've rounded up some of my favorite Continue Reading

5 Beginner Kendama Tricks (and Tips) from Kids Like You!

5 beginner Kendama Tricks videos

I have a 9 year old son... and we have entered the world of Kendama. When he's not busy with Lego activities, he's tossing around his Kendama. His toy came without instructions and lends itself to some very creative play. YAY! But it's also fun to get a few beginner Kendama tricks and tips under your belt to make getting creative easier. There are a lot of Kendama trick tutorials out there. I chose to use videos made by kids. It's very impressive that they can describe their take on the tricks so well. I specifically looked for videos that not only showed the tricks but that also share a tip or two. Enjoy! 5 Beginner Kendama Tricks Continue Reading

Family Book Club Week 3: A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Wrap Up

Family book club week 3 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

This week we'll be wrapping up our second round of the Family Book Club. Check out the bottom of this post for round 3 details. Reading Goal This week read chapters 9 -11. A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Discussion Questions & Activities Chapter 9 - Discussion Questions The first ghost takes Charles Dickens to visit himself as a child. What do you know about the boy? Use the words and picture for clues. Why does he smile? What does that tell you about books and stories? The second ghost shows Charles Dickens how his books affect other people. Can you think of a book that has been important to you? Why was it important? How Continue Reading

Letter F Activity: Gluing Feathers

Letter F feather p

Are your ready for for some Fantastic, Fancy, Feather Fun? It's F week! Our letter F activity is gluing feathers. Have you been following along with our letter of the week? Which one has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments. Letter F Activity: Gluing Feathers What you need: Letter F, feathers,glue, and construction paper. Feathers really are a lot of fun. They are light, fluffy and soft. This activity could not be more simple. Set out the feathers, set out the glue, and sit back and watch. After your little one has enjoyed gluing feathers for a while try changing the activity a bit. Big M started blowing the Continue Reading

10 Gingerbread Man Activities & Crafts

10 gingerbread man activities and crafts

We love Gingerbread Man activities around here! In fact some of our favorite Christmas traditions revolve around that sneaky cookie. Check out these ten adorable gingerbread men activities and crafts, then leave us a comment explaining your favorite way to play with gingerbread men. 10 Gingerbread Man Activities & Crafts Read different versions of The Gingerbread Man. Here are our 4 favorite versions of The Gingerbread Man story. While you're reading talk about what is the same and what is different in each story. Is there anything that is the same in EVERY story? Make paper gingerbread men. We had a blast with our Continue Reading

A New Year’s Resolution Idea That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

a new new years resolution

The new year is right around the corner. Will you spend the next month trying to decide how to be better? Wishing for a change that will surely make you a happier, healthier, more focused person? Mapping out New Year's resolutions and hoping you'll be able to stick to them? I've done that in the past - haven't we all? Well this year I want to do it differently. This year I want to spend January remembering what I've done right and what I love about myself. This year I want to resolve to strengthen what is already strong. To focus on the best parts of my today and hope for more of those in the future. Want to join me? A NEW New Year's Continue Reading