5 Tips for Moving with Kids

Great tips for moving with kids

In a little less then a month we will be moving. Our new house will be walking distance from where we're living now, the kids will go the same school and none of their special activities will be changing. As far as moving with kids goes, this will be a pretty easy move. Of course you know me, I like to plan ahead and make sure every base is covered. The biggest change for M and M is that they will no longer be sharing a room. Wait, that's not how they say it. "WE GET OUR OWN ROOM!" Yeah, they're pretty excited. It's a sad time for me though, I know how much quiet talking they do just before they drift off and how safe they feel together. I Continue Reading

3 Fun ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving

3 ways to keep kids happy in the car (i love #2)

This summer my sister and I have taken quite a few day trips. We tried a new museum and went to the zoo a couple of times. For our last big adventure this summer we're headed to the beach. Recently, Chevy loaned me a Chevy Traverse. (How awesome is my job?!?!) Our LTZ model had seating for 7, making the Chevy Traverse the perfect way to get me, my sister and all 5 of our kids to the beach. (8 seats are standard on the LS and 1LT models, and available on the 2LT.) And because it's the best-in-class for cargo room, there will be plenty of space for all of our beach stuff! 3 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving Play Car Games - There Continue Reading

5 Toddler Songs You Will Love

5 toddler songs. Love that I can learn the songs through video.

Sweet J (my youngest niece) and I love, love, love each other. She comes running when she sees me and I just can't wait to scoop her up. (Of course I adore all of my nieces, but today we're talking about toddlers and she is my only toddler. ;) )   One of her favorite things to do is swing. When she swings we sing, and sing, and sing.  Can you tell she loves it? Does singing pull you out of your comfort zone? I love to sing and sing a lot (my poor family ;) ). Here is why you should sing... even if you feel like you don't do it well. 1. Singing is a creative outlet.  When kids are exposed to a great deal of singing they SING!  When Continue Reading

How to Talk to Kids About Death

tips for talking to kids about death

This summer we had to say goodbye to a very special person in our lives. My Grandma passed away at the end of August. She was 95 (almost 96) and as healthy as anyone could hope to be at that age, but she was aging quickly. This was far from unexpected. For me, her passing was a mix of sadness and relief. I knew she was ready, I knew her body was tired, I knew she had lived a good LONG life. I knew that it was time. There was a sense of relief for us as adults. She went just like she wanted to, living independently until 3 weeks before she died. Surrounded by friends and family. She will be so very missed, but it was time. I found Continue Reading

Super Silly Lunch Box Jokes for Kids

lunch box jokes for kids (with printable)

Last year Big M broke my heart when he asked me not to leave love notes in his lunch box anymore. It's embarrassing and I totally get it. He's getting older (just turned 9 in fact)! But I still wanted to put something special in his lunch, something that let him know I was thinking about him. So I got creative and added lunch box jokes instead. They're fun for all the kids at the lunch table, they let him know that I'm thinking about him and they aren't the least bit embarrassing. Since I've already compiled the list... I thought I'd share it with you! Read through them and then print out the lunch box jokes for kids. I wrote the joke on Continue Reading

Never Too Big…


Zina from Let's Lasso the Moon is here today and I adore what she has to share with you. It's something I believe so firmly and she's written it so beautifully. Enjoy! The morning weather is starting to cool and, as kids head to back school, this comment starts flying. "They've gotten so big." We begin to see familiar faces at drop-off and first day of school photos popping up on Facebook. Today my friend's daughter started full-time preschool. As a mom, this is a huge milestone. She has greeted the week with mixed emotions. As parents, we have a tendency to try and hold on to "our babies." I admit, when an adorable toddler photo Continue Reading

Rosie Revere, Engineer… Tinkering Station

Tinkering Station for Young Engineers (I want the book!)

I know you are going to love today's guest post! Anne from Left Brain Craft Brain is introducing a new book (yay!) and sharing an idea of how to expand on it. We love it already right? Thanks for inviting me over to A Mom With a Lesson Plan today! I'm excited to share one of our recent book adventures... We've fallen in love with a book called Rosie Revere, Engineer and set up a Tinkering Station to go along with it. (This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for helping support our craft supply budget!) It's an inspiring story about a smart little girl who likes to tinker with trash and make amazing contraptions. But her inventions don't Continue Reading