Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home

effective parenting

What's going on at your house right now? At ours there is way too much irritation, nagging and reminding coming from me. YUCK! The worst part is I know better! Whenever I get into one of these not so great cycles I know it’s time for a reboot. Once I’m on a positive (and patient) page, the entire house seems to settle into a more cooperative and happy place. Luckily I have some incredible (and fairly simple) solutions to turn get moving in the right direction quickly … and I'd like to share them with you. Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home Take care of you. You've heard that before right? You can't be a positive Continue Reading

Park Passports: Summer Staycation Idea for Families

printable park passports for kids! What a fun staycation idea.

This summer has us staying close to home, with a fairly unchanged routine. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy plenty of fun in the sun and summer adventure. We're on a mission to be tourists in our own town... Today we've teamed up with Banana Boat® and Walmart to make sure this summer adventure is extra fun. Because I know we will be busy I am keeping this "staycation" idea easy to execute - find and visit 5 new parks; on its own this might seem "ho hum" but with a little drama and a few props you can really play up the adventure! Park Passports: Summer Staycation Idea for Families A good adventure starts with a little planning so I Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 2: LEGO in a New Way

creative kid table week 2 LEGO in a new way

Welcome to week 2 of the Creative Kid Table. Did you have enjoy the process of creating with googly eyes and toilet paper rolls last week? You can show off your creations on this Facebook post. I love how one Mom has dedicated a space to creating. What fun! Creative Kid Table Week 2: LEGO in a New Way It's no secret that LEGO building is a pretty big deal around here. But even as popular as it is, sometimes switching up the way we play with LEGO can inspire a creative burst. Tips for successful creative play: Separate the LEGO pieces when your LEGO lover is not around. (Just trust me on this one. The second they see you rummaging Continue Reading

Inspire Good DREAMS: DIY Dream Jar

dream jar

Little M has nightmares.  Oh boy does she have nightmares.  For week long stretches she will wake up screaming for me in the middle of the night...every night. On one of our frequent library trips I found The Dream Jar by Lindan Lee Johnson and Serena Curmi. In the book, the dream jar holds small pieces of paper, each one a memory or hope that can take the main character out of her bad dream and plop her smack dab in the middle of a good dream. (You can read more about my review of this and other good dream books here.) By the end of the book we knew exactly what we had to do. Little M must have a dream jar of her very own! How to Make Continue Reading

Creative Kid Table Week 1: Toilet Paper Rolls & Googly Eyes

Creative Kid Table Series.... Toilet paper rolls and googly eyes

We have a pretty awesome art center. It lives in the playroom and is full of really great materials. It was always my pride and joy... until it got out of hand. It became a catch all for junk and completely unusable. For months I meant to clean it out, organize it and bring it back to the incredible space it once was. Knowing that one of the things on my summer goal list was to use this creative space again, I finally cleaned it out last month! (It was one of those jobs that only takes a fraction of the time you think it will... so you kick yourself for wasting so much time dreading it.) Now that our art center has been stripped to the Continue Reading

How to Talk to Kids about the California Drought

How to talk to kids about the California drought

Today's post hits pretty close to home for me. I've lived in southern California almost all my life. We definitely enjoy beautiful weather year round but at this point all of us would love some extra rain! Right now we are in the midst of one of California's most severe droughts in history. For kids (and adults) understanding what a drought even means is tricky. Unlike other natural disasters we don't necessarily feel it because we can still turn on the faucet to wash dishes. When we want to shower the water sprinkles upon us just like always. We can't actually see the water shortage in our day to day life. Today I'm teaming up with Continue Reading

50 Fun Date Night Ideas for at Home

50 Ideas for date night at home... I LOVE #7!

Last fall I realized that it had been forEVER since Hubby and I had actually had a date night. Since having a quality marriage is important to both of us and because we also kind of like spending time together, that needed to change. We decided to make date nights a priority. What's the best way to make sure something happens around here? It has to go on the calendar. To make it a little more fun we decided to rotate who plans the dates. The rules are that we have to keep in mind what the month looks like. That means sometimes there isn't much extra money, sometimes there isn't much extra time and sometimes we don't have a babysitter. Continue Reading