5 Must have Parenting eBooks and Playful Learning eBooks!

I am always in search of tips and tricks that are going to help me become a better parent. Of course when I find something great (like these eBooks) I can’t wait to pass it along to you! Are you ready to add to your parenting library? I promise you will be glad you did. (Make sure to read all the way to the end… you won’t want to miss the great deal!)

5 Must have Parenting and Playful Learning eBooks

#1 Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experiences by Maryann Kohl and Jean Potter.  Science Arts is packed (and I mean packed) with awesome activities. I love the tie of science and art that fills the pages. One activity that quickly caught my eye is Hidden Coloring. The premise is simple (and you know I love simple). Cut a hole in the side of a shoe box, place a paper inside and color. Remove the lid to see what you’ve drawn. So cool! What a great way to explore senses. You will not believe the quantity and quality of activities offered.

5 must have parenting eBooks

#2 5 min Reading Tricks: for Raising  Rockstar Readers by Amy Mascott. I was watching Big M read a book the other day. He was doing really well, but I couldn’t help thinking how hard reading is! Amy has done a fantastic job of offering really simple ways to get your little one reading. I found myself setting down the eBook to get into action right away. A library book parade! Genius. She recommends showing off the library books to make them more enticing. I did it… it worked!

#3 The Garden Classroom: 52 Kids Gardening Activities by Cathy James. Cathy is a friend of mine in the bloggy world. She’s smart, sweet and all around AWESOME! The Garden Classroom is the perfect way to get your family outside, enjoying nature. There is a smile on my face already and I haven’t even told you my favorite part yet! One of the activities that I can not wait to try is Snail Racing. Oh yeah you read that right. Little M will go gaga over this one… she loves snails. All you do is chalk a race course, place some snails at the starting line and watch them go (or not go depending on the snail). How fun is that?!?!?

5 must have parenting eBooks

#4 Raising a Creative Kids: Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing that Creative Spark by Jillian Riley. Yeah! You’re right, that’s me. Raising a Creative Kid makes it easy to raise a creative thinker. I’ve included everything you need to transform your environment into a creativity growth center. With creative exercises following each of the  sections I have made moving into a creative lifestyle as easy as possible. Just like I do with everything else here on momwithalessonplan.com, I use and recommend materials that are inexpensive or free. 

#5 Parenting with Positive Guidance: Tools for Building Disipline from the Inside Out: by Amanda Morgan. Amanda is another bloggy friend of mine (geez I have a lot of friends). She is brilliant and my go to girl for all things parenting. She has a special way of taking early childhood facts and making them easy for parents to use and understand. A part of Parenting with Positive Guidance that really touched me was in Chapter 6. Amanda shares how using stories and playfulness to teach lessons is much more effective than a lecture. I love the way she gives examples of this tool in progress.

Fantastic books right!?!?!? Well guess what! Today you can buy all 5 of them, plus 11 more in one bundle. That’s 16 incredible playful learning books in one bundle, for one price… $9.99. YAHOO! That’s a lot of great parenting. :)

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Spend the spring reading through this bundle of incredible eBooks and you’ll be prepared for a summer of playful learning! The sale only lasts until April 14th… so make sure to get your Spring Bundle now! Sale has ended but I will come back tomorrow and let you know how you can buy any of these on their own!


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