Parenting & Facebook (and the big mistake I made)

parenting and facebook

Her toothless grin suddenly turned to a look of worry. "Mom, don't tell anyone okay?" There we were again, just like that a light was shining on one of my giant parenting fumbles. I looked at the tooth in her hand and promised not to make the same mistake again. I would not steal this moment from her by making this important announcement for her. I would not share the news on Facebook... not this time. You see, she was almost 8 when she lost her first tooth, so of course it was a really big deal for all of us. As she examined the new space in her mouth and bounced around excitedly, I was busy posting an adorable picture for all the Continue Reading

Be a Learning Hero: Understanding Common Core for Parents

Understanding Common core - help for parents! YAY... just what I needed

There have been some big changes in the schools lately. Change can be scary, no matter how it's packaged. When it threatens how we feel about supporting our kids and their education, it's not just scary... it's terrifying. Helping our kids succeed at school is something we all want to do. It's a big part of our very important job as parents. The fears and concerns about Common Core have not gone unnoticed. And today I get to tell you about a new resource that's been created just for us! Just for those parents who want so desperately to be in their little learner's corner. Who want to raise lifelong learners and thinkers. I've Continue Reading

How to Choose a Preschool Series…Part 3

what to look for when choosing a preschool

Now you have the phone numbers, you've asked the over the phone questions, and even set up the appointment. . .what else do you need to know? The first couple of steps into the door can tell you a lot about a preschool. Here is a list of the things that I think are really important, the things that pull me in or have me running the other way. How to Choose a Preschool: What to Look For at the Visit Noise. A room full of 3-5 year olds should not be quiet!  If you listen for a minute, you should be able to hear happy chatter. Children talking with one another as they paint, build and read. Teacher/Child interactions. While you are Continue Reading

How to Choose a Preschool Series…Part 2

what to ask when searching preschools over the phone

For part one of the How to Choose Preschool Series we covered collecting preschool phone numbers. Now that you have a list of numbers you may be wondering how to narrow that list down. Obviously you are not going to waste your time visiting 20 preschools. You can find out a lot about a preschool over the phone, and chances are you can eliminate half the list with a few good questions. Here is the list I used. How to Choose a Preschool: Calling Around (what to ask) As I told you before, I kept the list of preschool numbers in the same place. As I wrote them out, I recorded their name and number, leaving a space for my notes. Make sure you Continue Reading

How to Choose a Preschool Series…Part 1

How to find numbers and choose a preschool

Looking for a preschool for my M and M was overwhelming, stressful and quite frankly a bit frustrated. When I left one preschool disappointed that it was just not right, even though I was certain it would be, I had a thought. I have taught in both a center and a home family child care. I am educated in early childhood. I know what to look for! If knowing how to choose a preschool is hard for me, it must be unbelievably difficult for someone who has never so much as walked into a preschool. I have divided this post into three parts.  Part 1 How to Choose a Preschool: Finding Preschool Phone Numbers.  Part 2 Calling Around (what to ask). Part Continue Reading

Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home

effective parenting

What's going on at your house right now? At ours there is way too much yelling, nagging and reminding coming from me. YUCK! The worst part is I know better! Whenever I get into one of these not so great cycles I know it’s time for a reboot. Once I’m on a positive (and patient) page, the entire house seems to settle into a more cooperative and happy place. Luckily I know right were to turn… … and I’m inviting you along. ***UPDATE*** The  webinar I hosted is over, but Amy McCready hosts these same webinars regularly. Here is a link to find the next Positive Parenting Webinar. On Tuesday February 3rd at 10am PST (1pm EST) I’ll be Continue Reading

5 Ways to Start Teaching Time Management for Kids

time management for kids. #3 is so important!

Please welcome Melissa from Cloud Mom. She is here to share some ideas on how to make time management for kids a part of your everyday. This topic could not have come at a better time for us. I've been working a lot on time management for me and have become very aware that Big M could use a little work on the same area. Isn't it funny how we can see ourselves so clearly in our kids sometimes? Enjoy the post and please join in the conversation in the comment section! Hello, moms and dads! I’m Melissa from and am thrilled to be guest posting today! With a new year upon us, many of us are making resolutions. Perhaps we are Continue Reading