Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home

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What's going on at your house right now? At ours there is way too much yelling, nagging and reminding coming from me. YUCK! The worst part is I know better! Whenever I get into one of these not so great cycles I know it’s time for a reboot. Once I’m on a positive (and patient) page, the entire house seems to settle into a more cooperative and happy place. Luckily I know right were to turn… … and I’m inviting you along. On Tuesday February 3rd at 10am PST (1pm EST) I’ll be hosting a FREE Positive Parenting Solutions Webinar by Amy McCready. You and I (and a few hundred of our closest friends. ) will be sitting comfortably in our Continue Reading

5 Ways to Start Teaching Time Management for Kids

time management for kids. #3 is so important!

Please welcome Melissa from Cloud Mom. She is here to share some ideas on how to make time management for kids a part of your everyday. This topic could not have come at a better time for us. I've been working a lot on time management for me and have become very aware that Big M could use a little work on the same area. Isn't it funny how we can see ourselves so clearly in our kids sometimes? Enjoy the post and please join in the conversation in the comment section! Hello, moms and dads! I’m Melissa from CloudMom.com and am thrilled to be guest posting today! With a new year upon us, many of us are making resolutions. Perhaps we are Continue Reading

Positive Parenting Techniques that will Help you Love Parenthood

awseome list of postitive pareting techniques. #1 is life changing!

One of the greatest advantages I've had as a parent is that before having my own kids I loved learning about kids. When my kids were born I already had an incredible assortment of parenting tools ready to put into place because of my experience as a preschool teacher. Of course as the kids have grown I've learned more, not only about kids in general but also about my kids specific personalities and strengths. Parenting can be challenging and some days are really, really hard... but I love being a parent. Part of that love comes from the confidence that I can figure out whatever challenge comes along. I've rounded up some of my favorite Continue Reading

Learning from Mistakes: How to Accept and Appreciate Mistakes

learning from mistakes... great tips for parents

Raising creative thinkers is one of the top priorities in our house. That is why we talk so much about the books we are reading and work so hard to provide down time. Creative thinkers meet problems, challenges and new situations with the confidence. They know that no matter what, they will eventually find an answer or figure out how to make a situation work. In order to be creative thinkers we must be not only be willing to make mistakes, we must know how to celebrate them.  Not every endeavor will be successful; in fact a lot of ideas quickly flop.  The way mistakes are treated will greatly affect how kids meet the next challenge, the Continue Reading

Never Too Big…


Zina from Let's Lasso the Moon is here today and I adore what she has to share with you. It's something I believe so firmly and she's written it so beautifully. Enjoy! The morning weather is starting to cool and, as kids head to back school, this comment starts flying. "They've gotten so big." We begin to see familiar faces at drop-off and first day of school photos popping up on Facebook. Today my friend's daughter started full-time preschool. As a mom, this is a huge milestone. She has greeted the week with mixed emotions. As parents, we have a tendency to try and hold on to "our babies." I admit, when an adorable toddler photo Continue Reading

Teaching Kids Responsibility (while making your life easier!)

3 tips for teaching kids responsibility (while making your life easier.... shhh!)

Our family has been extremely busy. Hubby and I are self-employed and still in the building phase of our businesses. That means a lot of extra hours.  Add that to a super fun summer bucket list begging to be used, and we don't have much time (or energy) for family chores. We've been giving the kids more and more responsibility in our daily chores. Of course, teaching the kids responsibility is awesome, but it also helps us out a ton. (Win win!) Teaching Kids Responsibility by Including Them in the Process Problem #1: Folding laundry was a four-step process. Laundry is one of my least favorite things to do. Handing over part of that Continue Reading

Limiting Screen Time for Kids – Why, How To, and What Now

Limiting screen time

I'm re-posting this screen time for kids post because I needed to read it. (It originally appeared October 20, 2012). These first few weeks of summer have been pretty intense around here. My husband and I are both self employed. Both of our business seem to be taking off right now. YAY! It's great news, but that leaves me with scrambling for work time. What's been happening because of this need to work? I started out allowing way more screen time than I'm comfortable with. Enter the begging, the endless vegging, the "I just want to lay down" pleas. So I pulled up this post, read through it and decided that if I needed... perhaps you do to. I Continue Reading