How to Get Full Use of Season Passes – Places to go with Kids

11 ways to make the most of your season pass

One of the great advantages to living in Southern California is the option for outside activities. There are also so many fun places to go with kids. We have zoos, a wild animal park, aquariums, Disneyland, Sea World, Knott's Berry Farm. YAY! When the kids were babies, my sister and I started taking advantage of season passes to some of these places. We get a different pass every year. It's been such an incredible experience and we've learned a thing or to about how to get full use of our season pass. Making the most of your Season Pass Know the dates. Season passes are not created equal. Some places have block out dates, some Continue Reading

Confession Time: Responding to Kid Confessions

how to talk to kids responding when your kid confesses

Talking to kids can be overwhelming. It's not planned, it's never planned. And you want to say the right thing so badly... the first time. Just like anything with parenting, talking to kids takes practice. Lucky for you kids let you have lots of it! One of those times that having the right thing to say is so important, is responding to kid confessions. Your little one has just revealed something and you just don't know how to respond. Below you will find tips for handling these sticky moments. {Privacy in conversations is one of the most important parts of talking to kids. With that in mind, the words and situations in the story that Continue Reading

a better bedtime routine – getting kids to go to bed

a better bedtime routine -- great post and TONS of info in comments (1)

{Awesome update! This bedtime routine has now been working for us for 2 years. I couldn't be happier. I hope you will find the same success getting the kids to go to bed and making bedtime a wonderful experience for everyone.} Ahhhh bedtime.  Peaceful.  Quiet.  The perfect time for parents to relax, recharge and reconnect with each other.  After the kids have smiled their last sleepy smile you close the door and drift downstairs ready to let the adult time begin. Doesn't that bedtime routine sound fabulous... and well UNREALISTIC?!?!?  I would have agreed until about 6 months ago.  I was in search of a way to fix our bedtime woes. The Continue Reading

Let’s Go Camping with Kids!!! 40 Tips, Activities, Games and Recipes

Camping with kids - ultimate list of tips and tricks to make it awesome!

Camping is one of our favorite ways to spend time as a family. Camping with kids is so much fun (especially if you're prepared). I've shared my list for 10 must have camping supplies and 50 ideas for making camping easier, the tips in the comments are awesome too! I thought a camping with kids post just seemed like a good idea... what do you think? I've rounded up 40 tips, activities, games and recipes to make camping with kids just as fun as it should be! Tips for Camping with Kids Get the kids excited with some camping pretend play before you go. Pack clothes with easy dressing in mind. (The tent would stay so much Continue Reading

5 Educational Shows for Kids that Let Me Feel Good About TV


Screen time is a pretty sensitive topic, even around here where we have a good screen time routine set up. There are days that I just have to let the kids watch TV for longer periods than normal and I can't let myself feel guilty about it. Keeping a few things in perspective helps; we don't have these days very often, I really do use that time effectively and I offer educational shows. That last one works best if they actually like the educational kids' shows. ;) With that in mind I've rounded up 5 educational shows for kids that will give you the Mommy break you need... guilt free! YAY! Educational Shows for Younger Kids Monster Math Continue Reading

20 Personal Space Activities for Kids

personal space activities for kids - 20 great ways to teach kids about boundaries

We've been talking a lot about TALKING about personal space with kids this week. Using real world application is a great way for kids to learn how to respect the personal space of others and work on protecting their own personal space. Of course a little low pressure, intentional, playful learning will always help drive home an important topic. (These kid activities would also work well as a way to get the conversation started.) Finding activities that were designed for teaching personal space was tricky. I've searched out a list of kid activities that can be modified and used as personal space activities. If you have some others in mind Continue Reading

Teaching Personal Space for Kids – Part 2

Protecting Boundaries

Teaching Personal Space for Kids originally appeared on July 16, 2012. The other day I wrote about teaching affectionate kids about personal space. There is a flip side to this of course. The kids who are not interested in receiving affection are prime candidates to start practicing how to protect their boundaries. Sure, other people (kids and adults included) should be paying attention to your little one's body language. They should be gauging his or her comfort level and respecting their boundaries. But what if someone doesn't? For the most part boundaries are going to be broken in a harmless, unintentional way. Maybe it's a kid who is Continue Reading