How to Handle Anger in Kids: In the Moment & Beyond

Great tips for how to handle anger in kids

I've been working one-on-one with parents, brainstorming positive parenting techniques for their specific challenges. One of the topics that keeps coming up is how to handle anger in kids. Angry outbursts can feel scary and sudden and overwhelming. It's hard to know what to do in the moment, especially if you don't have a good plan already in place. I know this because we've been there too. If you have a specific parenting issue you want some help with click over to Ask Jill. I would love to help! The thing about anger is that the emotion itself isn't bad. Just like any other emotion, it has its purpose. The goal isn't to get rid of Continue Reading

How to Turn “I’m Bored.” into “I Have an Idea!”

4 simple ways to help cure boredom by empowering kids to turn into independent play

The other day I was brainstorming some ideas with a reader, she is desperate to get out of the "I'm bored" cycle. While she absolutely loves planning activities for her kids it's become something that is expected. Her kids are having a hard time playing on their own and she isn't getting the much needed Mom breaks in the day. The truth is that independent play is a skill that comes easier with the right environment and a little practice. Just like with anything else, some kids (and some adults) are naturally more comfortable with downtime. But even for those who would rather be constantly busy, downtime is important. Do you need help Continue Reading

Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home

effective parenting

What's going on at your house right now? At ours there is way too much irritation, nagging and reminding coming from me. YUCK! The worst part is I know better! Whenever I get into one of these not so great cycles I know it’s time for a reboot. Once I’m on a positive (and patient) page, the entire house seems to settle into a more cooperative and happy place. Luckily I have some incredible (and fairly simple) solutions to turn get moving in the right direction quickly … and I'd like to share them with you. Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home Take care of you. You've heard that before right? You can't be a positive Continue Reading

Flipping the Switch: How to Turn a Bad Day Around

the best way to turn around a terrible day

It was one of those days. The kids were doing everything possible to make me crazy. They were breaking just about every rule. Pushing every single limit. Bickering with each other non stop. If something didn't change I was going to loose it. I'd been in this negative cycle before and I knew just what needed to happen. I knew how to turn this bad day around. I knew who needed a good attitude adjustment.... ME! At that moment I didn't really feel like admitting it... but the problem with this day wasn't the little people I was so happy to blame. The problem was me. I was nagging and criticizing and nit picking every little thing (if I were a Continue Reading

Conflict Resolution Techniques (Modified for at School Support)


You're never really ready when the call comes. After dropping your little ones off at school you go about your day, expecting they are going about theirs too. You picture them eagerly learning, chatting with friends, sneaking a lunch trade and maybe getting a little too wild once in a while. But then sometimes the "once in a while" turns into "too often". That's when your phone rings (Or at least that's when my phone rings. I assume I'm not alone here.) The teacher on the other end of the phone adores your kid (even if you forget that during this particular phone call) but there is some kind of problem that keeps happening. She needs your Continue Reading

Parenting & Facebook (and the big mistake I made)

parenting and facebook

Her toothless grin suddenly turned to a look of worry. "Mom, don't tell anyone okay?" There we were again, just like that a light was shining on one of my giant parenting fumbles. I looked at the tooth in her hand and promised not to make the same mistake again. I would not steal this moment from her by making this important announcement for her. I would not share the news on Facebook... not this time. You see, she was almost 8 when she lost her first tooth, so of course it was a really big deal for all of us. As she examined the new space in her mouth and bounced around excitedly, I was busy posting an adorable picture for all the Continue Reading

Be a Learning Hero: Understanding Common Core for Parents

Understanding Common core - help for parents! YAY... just what I needed

There have been some big changes in the schools lately. Change can be scary, no matter how it's packaged. When it threatens how we feel about supporting our kids and their education, it's not just scary... it's terrifying. Helping our kids succeed at school is something we all want to do. It's a big part of our very important job as parents. The fears and concerns about Common Core have not gone unnoticed. And today I get to tell you about a new resource that's been created just for us! Just for those parents who want so desperately to be in their little learner's corner. Who want to raise lifelong learners and thinkers. I've Continue Reading