inspiring both play and kindness

If you follow me on Facebook then you have probably already seen these 2 great 30 day challenges.  If not let me fill you in a bit!

Hands on: as we grow and The Imagination Tree have come together and created this really cool play challenge.   “30 days to Hands on Play” is a challenge for us as parents to give our kids 15 minutes of uninterrupted… full attention… PLAY!

 Everyday they will give us one simple activity and some ideas of how to encourage play, you can even have it delivered to your email!  I can’t tell you how many times my sister (her kids are the same age as mine) and I talk about how we feel like we don’t play enough.  You might be surprised, since I have almost a years worth of activities right here on this blog, but sometimes that turns into business.  I have to get pictures or I’m trying to remember the best words to capture the moment.

In today’s post Building with Blocks and Duplo, Anna from The Imagination Tree tells us to turn everything off!  For me that means NO camera, and NO constant brain chatter.  I can certainly give M and M my undivided attention for 15 minutes.

The second challenge is from I Can Teach My Child.


Jenae is challenging us to be thoughtful in our kindness.  What a great way to celebrate a month of thankfulness!  I think kindness is really one of the most important human traits and I am excited to see what type of intentional kindness M and M can come up with.

I won’t be posting much about the challenges here since my #1 rule is they are NOT bloggy material.  We will be quietly participating “off camera” (probably not quietly… we don’t do anything quietly).

Do either of these challenges spark your interest?  I would love to hear how you use them with your family.

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