10 Specific Questions to ask Kids about School

Talking to kids about their day at school can be like pulling teeth. The question “How was your day” will almost always get an answer of “fine”. Of course that’s not really a surprise is it? How would you answer that question? Getting specific about the events of the day will give you a better feel for how the day actually went and will likely start a pretty good conversation.

Love these questions to ask kids about school

10 Specific Questions to ask Kids about School

I tried these questions on the ride home yesterday and we only made it through two. The conversation took on a life of it’s own after that. YAY! (The bonus is that leaves me with 8 good questions for after school today).

  1. What is something you did outside?
  2. Who did you laugh with today?
  3. What surprised you today?
  4. Who sat next to you at lunch? What did they eat? (That one might be fishing for lunch ideas. 😉 )
  5. Was anyone absent today? Do you know why they weren’t there?
  6. What is something you did at your desk?
  7. Did your teacher teach something you already knew? What was it?
  8. What color shoes was your teacher wearing? (I love questions that make kids stretch their memory muscle and get them used to noticing details. If they can’t answer this question today, I bet they’ll be able to answer it tomorrow!)
  9. What problem did you solve? Or what problem do you need help solving?
  10. What one word would you use to describe today?

Now I have a question for you. What is your favorite question to ask? Leave it in the comment section!



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