16 Creative & Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

One of my favorite things about summer is the amount of time we have to just hang out and be together. I love crafting and creating right along with the kids and I’m storing up ideas to add to our summer bucket list. There are more than a few summer crafts for kids on this list that I consider a must try!

summer crafts for kids to use, to play with, to hang and for outside fun

Summer Crafts for Kids to Play With

I love crafts that kids can make and then play with. There is something wonderful about playing with something you have created. It makes play extra special.

16 creative and easy summer crafts for kids

Summer Crafts for Kids to Hang Up

These four hanging kid crafts combine a creative experience with an adorable end product. I can’t decided which one I want to try first!

summer crafts for outside

Summer Crafts for Kids Outside

Summer is the season for outside play. I love these outside summer crafts. Perfect for kids and adults to enjoy together!

summer crafts for kids to use

Summer Crafts for Kids to Use

There is great satisfaction that come from creating something useful. These four summer kid crafts can be used again and again… I love that!

What do you think? Anything here that you can’t wait to give a try? Make sure to pin the list so you can find it when you’re ready!

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