APPLE tasting…yum!


We have done an apple tasting every year for the past 3 years.  I guess I've started a little tradition.  My plan was to add a little extra knowledge each the kids grow.  The annual apple tasting hasn't changed much though, I guess its just fun and simple the way it is.  Can't argue with that! I picked up 4 different types (last year I had more but I was too lazy to go to more stores in search of apples)!  We used Red Delicious, Fugi, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious. Little M getting ready! Big M, pretending because Red Delicious was his least favorite. I sliced as we went.  We all talked about the differences (and Continue Reading

APPLE puzzle

puzzle apple

I found this apple puzzle way back in April (I searched the comments to find the date!)  I have been making them for Big M ever since!   I cut the apple up (sometimes a whole apple sometimes just half).  The beauty is that I control how easy or difficult the puzzle is! If I don't "puzzle" his apple, he usually asks me to.  For a kid who has never liked puzzles this a great way to sneak one in! Ta da! This is a cheap, easy, and fun way to add a little learning to snack time.... how do you learn while you eat? This post is a part of the APPLE lesson plan. Continue Reading