FATHER’S DAY – book review

father's day

We have a few wonderful Dads around here, next week I will tell you all about them.  For now, lets talk about books specially written for the FATHERS in our lives. Building With Dad by Carol Nevius   illustrated by Bill Thomson The Dads that surround M and M work with their hands, they build and create.  Their offices are dusty construction sites or noisy garages.  When I found this book months ago, it was a perfect fit.  The pictures are captivating.  They are so realistic, you really feel like you are a part of the action.  As the story takes you through the process of building a school, the pictures make it clear that this Dad is Continue Reading

spice up story time. . .READING tips

story time

Since this week is all about reading let's talk about some ways to incorporable books into your regular everyday routine.  I personally love story time, in fact some day I will probably be begging the Librarians to let me read a couple of books at story hour.  However, story time is not the only time to encourage a love of reading. Who's ready for a story? Books. Like I said, books are great.  I love books.  In fact if you are looking to find some great new books visit my book reviews. In the car.  My sister has a pile of books stashed in her car.  They are in arms reach so that if any of her girls want to read she can quickly (and Continue Reading

READING program for summer


Ready for a little summer reading fun?  Yesterday I filled you in on a few of my favorite reading tips, click here if you missed it.  Tomorrow I will be giving you some hints on special places to add reading into your everyday life.  Today though, let's get a little reading program under way!!!  It's June 1st which is the perfect day to mark as day one for our KID WITH A BOOK summer reading program. The Rules Print out one of the reading charts (you'll find them below).  I have prepared 3 different charts. One with 100 spaces, 60 spaces and 30 spaces.  Choose a chart based on your current reading habits.  Of course challenging your Continue Reading

inspire a love for READING children’s books


I love reading books...I really love reading children's books.   During our preschool years my sister and I collected a large library of children's books.  I remember sitting on the floor as we packed up the school for the very last time, both pregnant with our first babies.  We carefully decided who's box each book would go into.  Both of us had favorites that we could imagine reading to our little ones over and over. It doesn't surprise me that both of our homes are full of books, all of our children have a genuine love of books and that reading is a daily activity. So how do you encourage reading in your home?  Here is a list of the Continue Reading

Children’s Book Review – Grocery Books

Grocery Preschool

Shopping With Dad by Matt Harvey and Miriam Latimer Shopping with Dad has a great sing song rhythm.  The main character is a very active little girl, who is very excited to be shopping with her Dad!  The story line is a little silly, with fun details weaved in.  (Mom sent a very funny shopping list.)  While the story is about shopping, and the pictures are set in a grocery store. . .the moral is far more than just a day out.  When this busy little girl accidentally causes an enormous ruckus, she quickly addresses the angry crowd with an apology.  I love the way she admits her mistake. The author did a wonderful job of quietly working Continue Reading

borrowed book review ~ MOTHER’S DAY

I was really disappointed with the selection of Mother's Day books I came home from the library with, so I've been sitting at the computer dreading this post (and by sitting at the computer I mean laying on the couch watching TV).  I mean what would you do without my weekly book review?  I can't just skip it.  Good thing I came up with this great idea before the nap time ended! I did a little searching and found some books that I can't wait to read.  I hope you find these reviews AWESOME and I promise to be back with my own review next Thursday. Thechildrensbookreview.com reviews 3 Mom books and 1 Grandma book Continue Reading

Book Review ~ EASTER book

easter book review

I posted one Easter book review, along with an activity yesterday.  If you missed it make sure to stop by and read about The Paintbrush Bunny. Ernest's First Easter by Paivi Stalder  Illustrated by Frauke Weldin Ernest is a bunny, new to delivering Easter eggs.  His family gives him one house to be responsible for his first Easter.     There are a few places in the story that offer the opportunity for discussion.  When Ernest knocks over a pot while entering the house, it is a great time to question the kids.  "What do you think will happen next?"  There is another point when Ernest is trying to find a good hiding place for the eggs, what Continue Reading