PRINCESS PARTY invitations for my little princess

princess invites1

My Little M turned 4 this weekend.  I just can't believe how fast she's growing.  In the spirit of birthdays I thought I would take a little break from lesson planning while I prepped the party.  A funny thing happened.  We ended up with some learning fun, birthday style! Our first activity, Princess Invites, was a huge success.  I wish I could have been there to see the recipients open these adorable Little M made invitations.   Do you recognize the little people, yep I told you they would be popping up again and again!  This activity was inspired by two really cool activities. made See Through Continue Reading

painting fun with MIXING COLORS

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Mixing colors is something I love to do with M & M.  There is something almost magical about watching two colors become one.  I have done this activity in so many ways, but I think this is my favorite. P.S. We had an extra artist for the day.  M & Ms cousin T was with us, and she was so much fun to paint with! What you need:  Egg carton ~ construction paper ~ tempera paint ~ paint brushs To prep for this activity; save an egg carton, cut the lid off, and then cut straight down the middle.  This will leave you with a 2 sets of six perfect little paint cups!  You’ll need one set for each child.  On the construction paper make 6-8 Continue Reading

for the LOVE of cars ~ car track painting

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Big M loves cars.  He has since he was a baby.  We counted once.  At the time he had 214, but we've been through a birthday and Christmas since then so who knows how many he has now!  The great thing is that he really does love each and everyone of them.  He has a purpose for each one, and knows where almost everyone came from.  For this activity of love we used Big M's very favorite thing to create some pretty cool tracks. what you need:   cars ~ tempera paint ~ construction paper I put a little blue paint on a paper plate and had Big M roll his cars through.  Then it was to the paper for some racing!  That's it, simple enough right? Continue Reading

SHAPE Collage

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Shapes are one of the things parents just naturally teach their kids.  Use this activity to review the shapes your little ones already know and introduce some new ones.  If you can  wait; this activity is a great follow up to Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  I'll be reviewing it on Friday! what you’ll need:  Large Shape Tracers ~ pen ~ construction paper ~ scissors ~ glue Print out shape tracers, cut them out and trace the large shapes onto construction paper.  Make several of each shape and size.  (To make sturdier tracers, use a manila folder or poster board to make tracers.) Give your little ones a whole piece of construction paper, Continue Reading

Letter of the Week ~ A ~ Apple Stamping

Letter A

Yeah, lets start with A! what you need: Paint brush ~ tempera paint ~ construction paper ~ apple ~ Letter A Printout ~ glue ~ scissors To prepare the Letter A; print out the A, glue it on a piece of construction paper and write the word apple on the bottom of the paper. Cut an apple in half, let the kids use paint brushes to coat apples with red, yellow, and/or green paint (you can also spread paint in a dish or on a paper plate for the kids to dip the apples.)  When they press the apples onto the paper the apples will leave a cool design. Questions(to ask your kids): “What do you think will happen when this apple is pressed on the Continue Reading

GINGERBREAD man activity: first bite chart

gingerbread man

This year in order to add a little math to our week of gingerbread man activities, I made a First Bite Chart.  Charts are easy to put together, make a great foundation for many educational discussions, and are a whole lot of fun!  I made this one before we baked cookies so it was ready to bring out after the first bites!  (Oh you know, right when they came out of the oven!) Gingerbread Man Activity: First Bite Chart what you need: Two large pieces of white construction paper ~ 2 pieces of brown construction paper (optional 2 more pieces of brown construction paper for the frame) ~ sharpie or black marker ~ Gingerbread Man Activity Continue Reading