Happy Earth Day… and a special surprise!

earth day

Today is Earth Day (and I have a surprise for you)!  Do you already have a day full of Earth loving fun planned?  Just in case you don't I have put together a list of some awesome Earth Day Pinterest Boards that will surely get you on the right track to celebrating our lovely planet. Before you hop around in search of the perfect project let me tell you what the surprise is.... are you on the edge of your seat?  I need a week off, sort of... so that I can work on something behind the scenes! You know me, I would never leave you hanging.  So I asked a few of my favorite bloggers to come and guest post.  THEY almost ALL SAID YES!!!  I Continue Reading

***GIVEAWAY*** a little earth day clean up


Around Thanksgiving M, M and I made a list of things (and people) we were thankful for.  Everyday we would draw a paper and work an activity that would show our appreciation for that person or thing.  One of Big M's additions was: our world. Well of course my first reaction was to do what we do best. . .pick up some litter.  We grabbed some trash bags, gloves and our wagon.  We set off and filled two bags full of trash.  M and M have always been litter conscious, but after this they were hooked.  When we go to a park the first thing they do is run around picking up trash, and throw it in the trash can.  (Who wants to play at a filthy park?) Continue Reading