FALL nature bracelet

Fall Nature Bracelet

I saw this idea out there on the web somewhere and didn't Pin It, ugg!  So the credit goes to an unnamed source... thank you whoever you are!!! what you need: tape ~ fall stuff I wrapped tape around Little M's arms so that the sticky side was on the outside. She collected all kinds of fun fall items, using her finger muscles (fine motor) to pick up and stick her findings onto the bracelet! Questions (to ask your kids):  "Does everything stick?  Why or why not?"  "How did you choose the fall items you used?" What fun things do you add to your fall walks? This post is a part of the FALL lesson plan. Continue Reading

Toddler Tuesday… FALL sensory bucket

Fall sensory bucket

One of my favorite sensory buckets is a simple container full of beans.  I don't think N and J are quite ready for that yet... so I came up with fall sensory bucket that would suit our toddler friends perfectly! What you need:  plastic bin ~ leaves ~ twigs ~ pine cones ~ containers ~ toilet paper rolls Don't you just want to dig in? J worked so hard to fill this old Tic Tac container. Will it fit? Can you see the concentration? N liked dropping pine needles through the toilet paper roll. Of course Little M joined in too!  Making pretend soup is her new favorite thing to do! This post is a part of Fall lesson plan. Continue Reading

APPLE tasting…yum!


We have done an apple tasting every year for the past 3 years.  I guess I've started a little tradition.  My plan was to add a little extra knowledge each year...as the kids grow.  The annual apple tasting hasn't changed much though, I guess its just fun and simple the way it is.  Can't argue with that! I picked up 4 different types (last year I had more but I was too lazy to go to more stores in search of apples)!  We used Red Delicious, Fugi, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious. Little M getting ready! Big M, pretending because Red Delicious was his least favorite. I sliced as we went.  We all talked about the differences (and Continue Reading

APPLE puzzle

puzzle apple

I found this apple puzzle way back in April (I searched the comments to find the date!)  I have been making them for Big M ever since!   I cut the apple up (sometimes a whole apple sometimes just half).  The beauty is that I control how easy or difficult the puzzle is! If I don't "puzzle" his apple, he usually asks me to.  For a kid who has never liked puzzles this a great way to sneak one in! Ta da! This is a cheap, easy, and fun way to add a little learning to snack time.... how do you learn while you eat? This post is a part of the APPLE lesson plan. Continue Reading